Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair From Therapist’s Choice


This chair is cheap but functional which is why it is perfect for students or those who just want it for personal use at home. It has everything that you will need and it also comes with a carry case.

You should not judge it based on its price as it has 4.1 out of 5 star rating in Amazon as of writing. There are also a lot of positive reviews about it from real customers. Therapist Choice is a trusted brand and they are an expert on everything that therapists need.

Therabuilt Apex in black

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The weight of the chair is a little over 18 pounds which is good enough as far as portability goes. It has a working weight of up to 250 pounds which is also not bad. But what the client or user will really want about this is its extra thick cushioning at 3.5 inches. This is actually more than the industry standard today.

The frame is made from metal which can withstand even the slightly larger clients and it is very stable too. The foam is covered with PU leather for comfort and durability.

Like the other chairs from other brands, its face cradle is adjustable and the pillow can be detached. So when it comes to adjustability, the Therabuilt Apex portable massage chair does not fall behind.

The height can also be easily changed and takes only less than a minute. All you have to do is loosen the knob and slide the bar up or down depending on how high you want it. Although the manufacturer did not specify on what is the ideal height, customers report that it is perfect for those who are within 5’1’’ to a little over 6 feet tall.

One of the possible problem that we see is its chest pad. You can still easily adjust its height, but you can’t change its angle or use another one like a sternum pad.

The frame and the cushions are all in black including the carrying case so it looks elegant and does not get dirty easily.

The manufacturer offers up to 12 months warranty for any defects on the frame. And the face cradle has up to 90 days. In case you break it, you can buy a face cradle separately so that would not be much of an issue.

One of the most common complaints from buyers is that the screw for the armrest is too short and does not fit which is actually not the case. The instruction manual may have messed it up. So below is YouTube Video on assembly.

Final Words

This chair is affordable and is equipped with all the basic features without the bells and whistles. This is perfect if you are still learning the trade, but if you are already building a career and starting to grow your clientele, we suggest to go for a more quality model which provides better customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Therabuilt Apex portable massage chair is a wonderful product without much to complain about especially with its price. But if you are serious with your work, you should check out the other more reputable brands below.

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