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Top 3 Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviews – A Trusted Brand!

Panasonic is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to massage chairs. And rightfully so as they have more than 40 years experience in designing massage replication products.

Most people looking for the latest Panasonic products are doing so to replace their old model from the same brand. This is a testament of the manufacturer’s quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

So if you are in the market today, here are the top 3 models in 2014:

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra

MA73 Panasonic

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The Real Pro Ultra Series is the best-selling from all Panasonic massage chairs in 2014 and the newest model has arrived. It is the successor of the very popular EP-MA70 and you can enjoy the latest in technology and design with this equipment.

This improved version comes with the Quadruple Stretch feature which provides deep stretch in the shoulder blades, pelvis, legs, and neck. Other significant improvements include the 3D Ultra Kneading Technology to the palms and soles. The New Heating Technology is also now available.

You can choose from the 6 different massages from Shiatsu, Tapping, Swedish, Rolling, Gentle Kneading, and Ultra Kneading. There are also a couple of intensity levels to choose from light to very intense.

The controls are very user friendly so even your grandma and grandpa can enjoy without getting more headache. What’s even more impressive is that it can be pre-programmed so you can enjoy your favorite massage sequence in just a few clicks of a button.

Another very interesting feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else is that the armrests come with airbags. When it inflates, it provides compression above and below your arm. The armrest is also fully adjustable so even if you are reclined or lying down, you can still enjoy it. This makes it perfect for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

For those who love to run or who are into sports, the calf and foot massage will be your best friend. Airbags are inflated around your calves which is very relaxing and improves circulation for faster recovery. For the feet, 3D air cushions provide a very human-like massage.

Other massages include the shoulder, hip, and thigh.

Of course, it also has the Junetsu technique which can only be found on this brand. With the latest thumb-like rollers, this feature instantaneously relaxes tight muscles and you will surely love the spiral circular motion.

Now you can enjoy your favorite massage anytime at the comforts of your own home.

It has a 5-year limited warranty so there is really nothing to worry about.

Panasonic EP1285KL Urban

Panasonic EP1285KL

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The Urban Collection is created to make you feel like having your personal masseuse that is available any time you want. It is designed to achieve good health in mind through muscle relaxation therapy and improve blood circulation.

What makes this product stand out is its Chiro mode which you will not find anywhere else. This is a great addition to the other pre-programmed styles: advanced Swedish, deep-tissue Shiatsu, and the Demo/Quick mode. But you can also customize your session by choosing the 8 manual settings.

All these and more can be adjusted with a few touches of a button using its very easy to use and convenient remote.

Aside from its great features, the EP-1285 looks sleek and classy as well. It is made from high quality leather material which not only lasts long but also feels great. It has aluminum finish on the arms and legs which complements the leather. And finally, it comes with an impressive stitch detailing which adds to the relaxation. Now that’s luxury, style, and relaxation in one.

Other things that you will enjoy is the Air Ottoman feature which consists of 14 airbag circulation system for the lower body massage and the Auto-Recline which allows you to recline the chair up to 170 degrees. The Leg Stretch is very nice if you have been having problems in your lower back and thighs. And the Deep Shoulder and Neck technique feels very realistic.

It is the cheapest but definitely not the least in features and quality.

Panasonic EP-30007 KX Real Pro Ultra


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This breakthrough product is known for its advanced quad-style technology that allows the massage heads to open and close when performing the 4 different styles: Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Grasping, and the exclusive Junetsu.

It is the successor of the 30005 and 30006. But the first thing you will notice is the wood inlay on top of the armrest. It makes the chair look more of a classy furniture than a machine.

This chair is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association because of its exceptional deep tissue massage. This alone makes the product well worth its price.

The control is appropriately placed on the left side and it is very user friendly so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. In fact, it comes with voice prompts to make it even easier to operate.

You can adjust the recline partially or fully at 170 degrees depending on your preference. Customers have reported that the more reclined the chair is, the more intense the massage is.

One of the common FAQ of people looking to buy a massage chair is if it’s practical for short people. Well, with the EP-30007, you can enjoy a fully customized massage whether you are short or tall or no matter what your body type is. It uses a complex pressure sensor technology that calculates the shape and size of your body. Additionally, the Ottoman can be used open or closed so everyone can enjoy it.

This feature is also perfect if there are many members of your family who will be using it and you have different sizes. It can also save settings and functions of up to 4 persons which is very convenient. And this is why a lot of husbands and wives just love the EP30007.

Compared to other products from other brands, it is quiet so you can relax better.

Important Note:

These purchases are big so we recommend that you buy only from reputable online stores and dealers.

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Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

The long-awaited Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair is now here. It’s designed as an improvement over its predecessors, addressing every issue that customers raised over previous models. It provides deep stretch throughout your shoulders, legs, pelvis, and neck, and incorporates the latest technological advancements just to make your experience better.

MA73 Panasonic

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So, what are its features and what has been improved?

The previous model, which is the EP-MA70, had massage rollers with ceramic heaters that massaged every part of your back, but then neglected the lower body. Well, this chair solves this problem instantly. Panasonic have redesigned the entire Ottoman and included heaters in the soles of feet in addition to massage rollers. This ensures you enjoy improved foot massage, with a nice warming effect to your feet.

The arm rest has also been redesigned for more comfort when in the recline position. Instead of delivering simple compression massage, there are air bags that have been redesigned to deliver a much milder kneading massage that are much more efficient when it comes to stimulating your muscles.

There are new stretching programs that have been added to provide you a few more options in targeting areas that have tight muscles. You will enjoy deep massage to the hip region as well as the waist area and shoulder blades. The neckline has not been left out too. In fact, there is a new corner to the stretch programs, making better use of massage rollers to grab your head and help you stretch hard for the purpose of reaching muscles in your upper shoulder area and neck.

The leg rest has a bunch of new features for better performance. The Panasonic EP-MA73 offers a rotating feature to hide the leg massager when you are not using it, and mild massage roller for kneading massage to the sole of the foot.

Massage experience like no other.

Panasonic made this chair for ultimate comfort and experience. It offers a new and refined chair positioning and body scanning just to make you enjoy personalized massage experience. The leg rest matches recline angle of the backrest, and the chair has optical and infrared scanners to detect your size and shape.

Heated Massage Heads offers massage techniques combined with the healing power of heat. You will feel like its warm hands of an expert gently kneading from above and below, loosening your sore muscles and reliving tension.

Specifications of the Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA73

· 3 D rollers for a humanistic massage experience
· New Quadruple stretch
· Moving armrest that adjusts automatically to massage both hand and arm
· User height of 4’6” to 6’2”
· Maximum user weight of 264lbs
· Total of 8 motors
· Total of 32 air bags
· Sleek remote control
· Stand timer setting of 5/15 minutes
· Synthetic leather material

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair can be compared to none. The makers have listened to customers’ queries and used them to get inspirations about the new features to incorporate when developing it. There’s no doubt that this chair has what it takes when it comes to comfort, performance and luxury. From redefined body scanning to new stretch programs, you are guaranteed a better and more relaxing massage right from the comfort of your home or office.

Being the latest edition, we HIGHLY SUGGEST this product if you’re going to invest right now!

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