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Panasonic EP-1285 KL Urban: A Massage Chair That Offers Realistic Therapeutic Techniques

Panasonic has over 35 years of experience in developing quality massage chairs that dominate the market. This time it has released the latest luxury massage chair that is designed specifically to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation as well as increased blood flow throughout your body. It is known as the Panasonic EP-1285 KL Urban massage chair.

This massage chair is made with 4 preset programs as well as 8 manual modes, making it a true asset to your home. It’s truly like having your very own massage therapist right at your home.

Here’s a detailed review of Panasonic EP-1285 KL Urban, taking into consideration its features and how it can help you when it comes to promoting good health.

Air Ottoman System for deep-tissue massage

A good massage chair should be able to deliver deep tissue massage in just about every part of your back, neck, arms and legs. Well, this chair offers this function and much more. It features a circulation system with 14 bags just for the purpose of providing a more complete, contoured massage – especially in your lower back. This includes kneading and loosening of calf muscles and shins. As for the feet, it works by applying upward pressure using 4 air bags for ultimate relief.

Deep neck, shoulder and leg massage

The EP-1285 is the solution to alleviating stiffness in your lower back, thighs and hips. It can lower or rise in 20 degrees, something that causes the air system to squeeze your lower legs, stretching every muscles. The floating mechanism on the other hand stimulates the movements of the rotating wrists for an incredibly life-like massage. This particular feature lets the massage chair perform a number of massage actions on your neck and shoulders until you feel relieved.

Massage therapist techniques on all acupoints

Do you know you have around 350 acupoints in your entire body, and that nearly 100 of them are located in your back and neck alone? Well, Panasonic had this in mind when developing this massage chair. From the deep tissue kneading to the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, you will enjoy massage therapist techniques that target all acupoints in your back and neck, resulting in what you can call invigorating energy.

Auto recline for utmost comfort

Perhaps you wish to have your back massaged while you are on a comfortable position. This is possible with Panasonic EP1285KL. It has an auto recline that is controlled electronically to about 170 degrees, giving you the freedom to choose the position that you feel most comfortable. It will accurately stimulate stroking just like the palms, pressing just like the heel of the hands, and applying pressure just like the thumbs. You are guaranteed to feel more relieved after a single session.

4 Pre-programmed advanced massagers for stress relief

This chair combines deep-tissue Shiatsu, Chiro mode and Advanced Swedish massage for greater muscle relaxation. What’s more, there are also 5 additional massage modes that run the gamut of energy boosting massage to calming massage. Whether you wish to feel energized, relieve your stress, or anything in between, this massage chair will get you covered. You will be sure to get good posture and promote blood circulation in your body.

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Other notable features

This massage chair comes with striking brushed aluminum accents on both the arms and legs for the purpose of imparting an ultra-modern look, enhancing any decoration in your home. It also has a detailed stitching that lends an even more upscale appearance to its already luxurious look. You will also get a remote control that’s easy to use so that you can enjoy a complete personalized massage with just a touch of the button.

The Panasonic EP1285 Urban is without a doubt the best massage chair currently in the market. It incorporates the latest technology in massage chairs for greater muscle relaxation. It combines the exclusive Chiro mode from Panasonic, Advanced Swedish massage and deep-tissue Shiatsu just to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and stress relief.
You are guaranteed to enjoy deep maximum effect, stimulating all the acupoints in your back and neck for increased energy. Your comfort is also checked with the auto recline feature that allows you to choose the position you are most comfortable while receiving your massage.

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