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Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair With Zero Gravity

Osaki is yet again making it to the headlines with its latest release of most advanced massage chair in the series. This time it has brought to its customers the all-new Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair, which is believed to incorporate the latest technology that’s geared to providing a wider and deeper human-like massage than conventional rollers.

It’s designed in a way that you will be able to protrude or extend out massage heads up to an amazing 8mm for a super-deep and focused massage. Here is a genuine review of this product as well as the benefits it has in store for you.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer zero gravity massage chair


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Notable Features

3D Massage Technology

This is the newest technology that makes Osaki massage chairs popular when it comes to delivering comfortable and deep massage. It incorporates massage rollers that are designed to cover wider areas, and gives you the ability to extend out the massage heads so that you can get deep massage. What’s more, it has 5 different levels that range from normal to very strong so that it reaches all the acupuncture points with better precision and depth. Thanks to this technology you will be left revitalized after a single session.

Second Generation S-Track

You may wonder how this massage chair reaches every acupuncture point in your back without much effort. Well, this is courtesy of the second generation S-track. This chair is designed in a way that it contours your back in addition to enhancing movement of massage heads. The accuracy will be excellent and you will feel great, with every part of your body massaged.

2 Stage Zero Gravity

The Zero gravity position was created by NASA a few decades ago and its job is to offer a stress-free and relaxing position, minimizing any pressure that may build up on your spine and back during your session.

Accupoint Technology

The makers of Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer clearly understood that you have approximately 350 accupoints in your body. They had the idea that 100 of such accupoints are located in your neck and back alone. For this reason they decided to incorporate this technology, which is known to offer a soothing style massage that targets the accupoints with incredible accuracy.

Computerized Body Scan

This product comes with a 3D navigation system that uses pressure sensors to map your back so that it can deliver accurate and efficient massage. It’s able to scan your back for contours as well as the spine curve for every individual. It’s the one that informs the chair where exactly to massage and where not to.

Air Bags

It comes with air bags that inflate and deflate in order to deliver deep massage to almost every part of your body. There are 2 on each side of the waist and 6 more on the hip side. There are also 2 others that cover the shoulder areas, some on the arm, feet as well as the back. In total, there are 51 air bags that apply compression massage for utmost efficiency.

Specifications of the Osaki Pro Dreamer

· 10 Auto massage programs
· Large LCD display
· Remote control for width and strength adjustment
· Auto timer of 15/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
· Suggested maximum weight of 265 lbs
· Mp-3 connection
· Quality synthetic leather

If you want to relieve and renew your body and mind then Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the product to go for. It’s arguably one of the most advanced massage chairs in the market today. It’s a machine that will offer you human-like touch and help you tackle your daily stress, fatigue and tension straight from your home.

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