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Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 2.0 Massage Chair Review and Best Price Today

The Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 2.0 is an excellent massage chair that has just come out recently. With numerous new and innovative technologies, it beats all its rivals in its price range easily.

This advanced massage equipment has tons of features and has a luxurious and stylish look. You can find ultimate relaxation and enjoy soothing pressure on the muscles of your body with this massage chair after a tiring day.

This chair offers lots of versatility with its different and advanced massage options. Plus, you can easily personalize it to your liking. Below are its functions and features:


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Customizable and Accurate

With the help of Body Scanning Technology, the chair maps your entire back to read the contours of your spine as well as measure the size of your upper body. With this, the chair will be able to provide a more detailed human-like experience.

Further benefits to the spine are accomplished with the S-Shaped Massage Track. This track is designed past the restrictions of a conventional massage chair for more precision.

By assessing the spine and locating important areas like the shoulders, the user will always get an accurate and efficient massage. This is very important if there are multiple users of this chair.

Zero Gravity

Almost all of today’s massage chairs come with Zero Gravity feature, but this Daiwa model takes it a step further with its 2-Step Zero Gravity.

The first is the conventional Zero Gravity position where the chair reclines the body to its ideal 30-degree position and allows for an efficient resting station. This gives the experience of weightlessness to the body so you feel like floating in the air while enjoying a good pampering.

In its second position, the legs will be raised slightly higher and your upper body will be reclined farther back for a more relaxed feeling. It is said that this position improves the blood circulation.

Inversion Stretch for Spine

This is another great feature that you can’t find in other models and it is especially useful if you have been experiencing pain in you back area.

This mode replicates the techniques used by back and spinal care professionals. There are only 2 motions involved: First, with your entire body reclined and parallel to the ground, the machine will bring your feet slightly higher than the level of your heart similar to the Zero Gravity position above. Second, the leg rest will be independently bent downwards. This stretch aids in maintaining the accurate spaces between the vertebrae discs and releases the pressure off them.

For effective and fast relief for lower back pain, you should try the Power Stretch Combo which is a combination of the inversion stretch, shoulder stretch, and heat. The warmth helps in stretching tight muscle tissues. This program cannot be found anywhere else and this is what makes this model stand out.

Full-Body Air Bag Technology

Conventional massage chairs are focused heavily on the spine, but today’s modern models are more complete. With that being said, the Relax 2 Zero 2.0 comes with a total of 41 airbags capable of giving the ultimate relief from head to toe.

The airbags on the shoulders, around the arms and under the thighs and calves can release the tension and relax tired muscles. For those who are stressed, you will really love the stretch and rhythmic squeezing on your neck and shoulder area.

But it does not end there. There are airbags are also integrated underneath the seat for Twist Seat Function. The swinging and twisting motion will target the stiff muscles on your thighs and buttocks.

Foot Rollers

With the principles of reflexology in mind, Daiwa provided a specially designed rollers at strategic locations to give an incredible experience of relaxation and relief on the feet making this model a complete head-to-toe massage companion.

There are ankle grips provided to make sure that your feet are stable and you get full benefits of the massage. Foot pads are also very useful in adjusting the intensity.

Other parts of the foot not reached by the rollers can still enjoy a compression massage thanks to the airbag system.

And as mentioned above about this chair being easily customized, the leg rest can be extended in and out so almost anyone can get to enjoy it.

Heat and Music Therapy

It has been proven that music is a great way to manage stress. And compared to its predecessor, the Relax 2 Zero, this model comes with high quality compact speakers for a better sound experience. All you need is a USB flash drive that contains all your favorite songs and simply plug it in the port provided.

For an even better relaxed experience, a heat option is provided that targets the lumbar area. The heat soothes and caresses the back and relieves it from various chronic back pains especially on the lower back.

Auto-Programs and Customized Massages

With senior users in mind, this equipment comes with a user-friendly remote with LCD display. With it you can access the manual modes from kneading to shiatsu techniques. You can also choose specific target areas like the upper body, arms/shoulders, and lower body. Other settings you can adjust include its 6 different speeds, the width of the coverage, and intensity levels.

If you don’t want to go through to all of these and just want to go straight to enjoying a good massage, you can just choose from its 4 built-in programs:

  • RECOVER: As its name implies, it is designed to recuperate your tired body from any strenuous activity. Your body will be placed in a zero gravity position. At the same time, your hips will be swayed from side to side and your calve muscles with be worked on.
  • REFRESH: This option is designed to wake your body up and stimulate blood circulation. This is done by rapid and pummeling actions of the massage rollers.
  • RELAX: This is the most tranquil massage method which can really help you if you have sleep problems. The entire back is massaged lightly while in a reclined position for relaxation.
  • EXTEND: This program is perfect for those who have been experiencing tightness in the lower back area. After you will be in an inverted position, your upper body will be stabilized with the help of the airbags, and the leg rest will be folded downwards to stretch your spine.

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