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Top 3 Portable Massage Chairs for Cars, Office, and Home in 2016

Do you always experience back pain when sitting for hours? Are you always on the road or do you regularly make long trips for business or meetings?

If your answer is yes to both questions, then you should seriously consider getting yourself a car massage chair. It’s not expensive and you will be surprised how effective it is. Below are our top 3 choices of 2016 and you can also read feedback from real users.

Five Star FS8812

five star fs8812 with heat

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If you are going to buy a car massage chair today, then this is it. You don’t have to look anywhere else. It already has over a thousand of satisfied customers and it is one of the highest-rated in Amazon.

The FS8812 comes with 10 vibration motors that work the shoulders, upper and lower back, lumber, and thighs. To make it even better, it comes with heat which is very useful if you have muscle aches. There are also 4 different programs to choose from. All these can be adjusted by a user-friendly remote control.

It is very easy to operate and you can use it almost anywhere because it is portable and it comes with an AC adapter for your home and office and a car adapter.

You will also really love its safety feature. This makes it a great massage chair for car because it automatically turns off after 30 minutes of using so you won’t feel asleep because of too much relaxation.

It is very affordable and usually offered in discounts.

Wagan IN9988

wagan in9988 black 12v

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This heated massage car seat may not look as advanced as the Five Star above, but it still has everything that you need. It is equipped with 5 powerful motors and up to 10 Bio-magnets which improves blood circulation and supplies oxygen in muscles. The Heat Wave feature allows the massage to go deeper into the tissue for a more satisfying experience. It is made from polyester which is classy and comfortable.

It also has a remote control which enables you to specify which part of your body you want to get worked on from the thighs, lumbar, and the shoulders. You can also customize it whether you want just the massage or the heat alone, or a combination of both.

And like the other popular Wagan products, it also has the lumbar support which promotes proper posture while driving and reduces pain on the lower back.

It is compact and portable so you can use it almost anywhere. You can choose from its various colors depending your car seat.

Obus Forme Low Backrest

obus forme lowback backrest support

Now this may not be really a massage chair that vibrates and has heat functions, but if you are looking for something that helps you relax and gives relief for your back, this cushion does just that. In fact, it is one of the best backrest support in the market today.

The form is somewhat stiff and it is made from soft microfiber material which can last for several years. It is almost very hard to believe how something that looks so simple can be so soothing.

According to the manufacturer, it is the only product of its kind that has been scientifically proven to reduce back pressure by 35 percent. It works by realigning your spine and keeping you in proper posture.

It is great for your car seat or office because you can take it anywhere. It is available in different colors such as black, gray, and navy.

Is it safe?

It is always unsafe when you are driving and doing something else. The biggest issue here is that the vibration can be distracting. If your chair is old and it makes a loud motor noise, it can be a distraction as well. Also, too much relaxation can make you fell sleepy. Lastly, adjusting the settings on the control can make you lose your focus for a few seconds.

With all these, we highly suggest that you use your device with caution. Also, set the vibration at low or better yet, don’t use it. A lot of people use only the heating feature which is enough to give you a smooth ride.


Using a massage cushion for cars while driving has its own pros and cons. You should always prioritize safety above anything else. Fortunately, there have been no reports of serious accidents on the road while using a massager.

If you read the real customer reviews on the links above, you will realize how helpful and nice it is to have in your long trips.