Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package (Video)


This chair is a product of years of experience. It is co-designed and highly approved by David Palmer, who has taught thousands of practitioners in the field of massage. It is created with both the client and the therapist in mind. It is also now made even more comfortable than its predecessor, the Ergo Pro I.

Included in the bundle are the chair itself, the Deluxe Adjustable Platform with FacePillow, and a very convenient case which allows the wheels of the chair to stick out so you can just pull it instead of carrying.

Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair

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Below are the features and a quick review based on real customers:

This product is capable of accommodating up to 1200 pounds static and 600 pounds working weight which is incredible considering that it is very light at only a little less than 20 pounds. The secret there is the use of high quality and durable materials such as the silver aluminum frame.

You will also love how versatile it is with all its available adjustments. All these will make the experience of the client memorable.

The height of the legs can easily be adjusted to conform with the height and positioning of the therapist. All you have to do is locate the push pin near the wheels in the legs and make the necessary changes.

Stronglite Ergo Pro 2 Purple

The angle of the seat can also be changed. There’s a button under it and when you push it, a lever will pop out. Position the lever depending on the angle of the seat you want. You can go for 90 degrees or an upright position that allows your client to sit in reverse it so you can work on the legs and feet.

The face rest platform, which is one of the most important part, can be moved up and down to give the perfect fit no matter the height of the client and the angle can be changed as well. The chest pad also comes with similar adjustments. You can make the changes on both the platform and the chest pad independently or as one.

And as for the armrest, it comes with a standard lock down for easy modifications. The knee rest is also removable which is a feature that you can’t easily find from other brands. Some are just not comfortable using the knee rest so it is good to you have this option.

It can accommodate short and tall clients from 4’6” to 6’6” which is clearly a big plus. And the chest pad as well is big enough to handle even the larger individuals.

It comes with rounded pads for comfort, wheels for convenience, and of course, a secret pocket for valuables such as jewelry, phones, and gadgets.

It is very easy to set up and fold back. Transporting it from one place to another will never be an issue that is why it is perfect if you regularly go to your clients’ house or go to events. All you have to do is tilt it slight forward to use the special offset wheels. Or you can just simply carry it as it has a convenient handle on the side.

It is available in many colors but the popular ones are burgundy, black, royal blue and teal. The leather-like material is soft and very easy to clean.

Ergo Pro 2 vs 1

This model is more comfortable, not that the Ergo Pro I is not, but it has better padding quality and comes with improved materials.

Also, it no longer has the sternum pillow which was included in the package in the first version as the company believes that it is barely used. But of course, you can still order it separately if you want.

The sternum pad was used usually for pregnant women or those who are not comfortable with the regular chest pad.

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The Stronglite Ergo Pro 2 is very easy and quick to set up and it is fully customizable which is very important if you are looking to get a large clientele. It is also comfortable and lightweight but durable making it perfect for serious professionals who are catering to multiple clients.

And lastly, one of the benefits of buying from trusted brands is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

All these would justify its price tag and in fact, those who have bought it really believes that it is a good investment. So if you are serious with your career and looking to expand you clientele, we suggest you get this.

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