Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case


Massage does a lot more than just relaxing your body. Other tremendous benefits include providing relief from pain, nervous problems, diabetes, stress, anxiety, heart problems, depression, blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and many more.

Now there are many reliable massage table models on the market today, and the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table is one of the best options and that is proven by hundreds of positive reviews in Amazon.

This table is packed with modern features, is highly rated, and pocket-friendly. It is a wonderful, functional piece of furniture that will offer your clients with more than just relaxation.

That being said, let’s go through the features and specifications in more detail. You will then decide whether it matches up with your requirements or not.

Features and Specifications

Saloniture Professional Massage Table in Burgundy

Saloniture is a brand reputed for crafting and manufacturing premium quality products. When it comes to crafting state-of-the-art massage tables, Saloniture is surely one of the best. And they are used by many professionals and students all around the world.

Their latest model, the Saloniture is expertly designed with sturdy hardwood plus double tension knobs installed on each leg for added stability. Additional support and stability are provided by steel support cables that make the table remarkably strong enough to support up to 450 pounds.

The adjustable headrest is highly durable and features an aluminum support that makes it even more stable and durable. It is also padded with aluminum post supports. This means that it won’t bend or warp like the thin version supports found in look-alike tables. You get to easily adjust the headrest according to your client’s height for superior comfort and easy control.

The table legs are like no other. They feature solid, non-slip, and non-marring feet that prevent sliding and are safe on all types of floors.

Right under the headrest is an arm sling, winged arm rests as well as some other adjustable motions. The arm rests are wing-shaped for superior comfort and can be easily re-positioned to suit your clients’ body type. These features make this table incredibly flexible to suit their needs.

Also included is a 26” long by 6” wide by 3” thick half-round holster face pillow with a removable cover and a 3” foam for extra support and comfort. You can even use this table for other purposes like for eyelash attachments and facials.

Your clients will absolutely love the highest level of comfort provided by the equipped 2” thick high-density foam cushioning, which is a pretty decent amount of padding. This foam is covered in a luxurious Polyurethane faux leather that is softer than PVC, is completely oil and waterproof, is vegan-friendly, and does not produce a bad odor. It is basically a client-friendly massage table designed with comfort in mind.

Now portability is an important factor when it comes to this equipment. As a physical therapist, your work almost always require you to move from one place to another to offer massage services. The good news is that the Saloniture  is as portable as it gets, thanks to its light weight (weighs a mere 35 pounds when folded) and ability to fold into half.

The table locks with two professional chrome clasps and is extremely easy to carry with double handles on one side and non-marring feet on the other.

As for the carrying part, this table comes with a tough nylon carrying case that is large enough to accommodate its entire length and width. The case features an adjustable shoulder strap for hassle-free carrying. There is also a durable and spacious side pocket for holding massage oils and supplies. Other supplies and attachments can as well be stored right inside the table. Overall, this table is portable in every sense, which is pretty convenient.

Additionally, you get a 6.5” long by 4.5” wide face rest that allows the user to easily breath through its opening. This also means that you can easily remove it and put it inside the table to take with you as well.

When open, the massage table measures 84” (headrest included) by 37” wide with armrests and an adjustable height ranging from 24.5” to 34.5”. When folded, the table measure 36 “long by 5.5” wide by 28” height.

It is available in many colors like black, cream, and burgundy.

Pros and Cons

Saloniture Professional Massage Table in Cream


  • Extremely easy to set up for beginners- does not need any tools
  • Easy to adjust for superior comfort
  • Stable enough to accommodate heavy weight
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable construction
  • Safe for use on all types of floors
  • Easy for transportation and storage
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Reliable brand


  • Padding is not as thick compared to other models
  • Face cradle feels a little bit flimsy according to some

Final Thoughts

The Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table is a one of a kind. It is one table that is expertly designed to meet the demands of your all your clients in the most efficient way. It is comfortable, stable, and a perfect solution for relaxing and providing relief for numerous health complications. And the fact that it is affordable makes it an investment worth considering.