Top 5 Portable Professional Massage Table for All


For professional masseuse and therapists, having the right massage table is very important. You might have all the skills and experience, but if you have low quality tools and equipment, you will have a hard time in making your customers satisfied. And we all know that retaining clients is very important for success for this type of business.

But these are not only for professionals, even if you are just a regular guy who loves a good pampering, investing on these products is a very good idea. You can just simply pull it out from your storage room and have someone give you a good massage. There is no better way to recover from a long and stressful day from this.

If you have very little knowledge about the product, don’t worry, we list below the top 5 massage tables in 2016 that you should only be considering:

BestMassage Two Fold in Burgundy, Purple, and Black

Affordable. Transportable. Functional. Sturdy.

BestMassage massage table Burgundy

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After over 1,000 real customer reviews and an average of 4.7 rating, it is no surprise that this model is one of the best-sellers. And the good news is that it is cheap which makes it perfect for those who are just starting out and students. A lot of non-professionals like husband and wife who give each other massages use this.

But don’t get fooled by its low price as it is fully functional and comes with high quality materials. Also, the company is one of the industry leaders so you can trust them.

The material is a 2-inch high density foam which is comfortable but still firm enough. It is covered by polyurethane leather which is water and oil proof which is a must to prevent from sliding. The frame is made of birch which can support even the heavier persons of up to a little over 400 pounds including the pressure of the massage. You will not hear any creaks or sense any instability which can be a nightmare for the clients.

As its name implies, you can easily fold it after use and replace in its case. It is very portable and convenient to carry anywhere which is important in this line of work. You must be able to go to your clients’ house as fast as you can with no hassles.

As for its accessories, the headrest is very easy to adjust and the material is soft as well. It comes with an arm shelf for added comfort and a pair of arm shelf that you can use when there is a need for it.

Its carry weight is around 32 pounds for the table alone and you add around 5 pounds if you want to include the accessories and the case. But overall, it can easily be carried.

 Earthlite Harmony DX Deluxe Package

Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table

The manufacturer is not only famous for its use of environmentally-friendly materials, but also in their attention to detail. They have thought of everything especially the needs of the users. The Harmony DX package includes the table itself, face cradle with cushion, and a carry case.

The support is made from durable Maple legs with lacquer finish and the decking is made from top-grade Birch. You will be surprised to know that it has a working capacity of up 600 pounds thanks to its advanced cabling design. It also features a 2 1/2 inch cushion with 100 percent PU Nature’s Touch material which does not only feel nice, but long-lasting as well.

Setting it up is fast and easy and so does making the height adjustments by just unscrewing and make the changes. It is almost unbelievable how a simple design can be so stable and reliable.

This model might be a little expensive but you got to love the limited lifetime warranty on this one which brings you a peace of mind. It is also available in several color combinations like Agate Blue and Teal.

Compared to the Harmony, the pricier Avalon XD comes with a slightly thicker cushion, heavier working capacity at 750 pounds, and a more luxurious cover. The face rest also comes with a form-fit memory cushion and it is more flexible overall. It also comes with shiatsu release cables. And most importantly, the Avalon has half Reiki and half standard end plates which is more stable and adds more space in accessing the clients.

So if you are more serious on your work and have a bigger budget, we suggest that you go for the XD model.

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive

This is another table that you should seriously consider especially if you are just starting out with your career or still a student. Or you can give this as a gift for someone who loves a good massage.

As its name implies, the All-Inclusive comes with everything that you will need if you want to start right away. It has the table with a detachable facial cradle, armrest, arm support, cotton sheets, semi-circle bolster, oil pouch, and a hanger.

It is made from beach timber and the support wires are coated for added durability and aesthetics . The deck consists of a 2 1/2-inch high density foam which is very comfortable and of course, it is water and oil resistant.

It has dimensions of 72 in x 28 in (L x W) and a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. The height is also adjustable from 23 to 33 inches so no matter what your height is, you can easily adjust it and find your comfort level. Set up is fast and pretty much straightforward.

Other variants include:

  • Professional Series
  • Relax
  • Basic
  • Premium

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can choose any of the variants but we highly suggest the All-Inclusive which is truly a great value for your money.

It weighs 36 pounds if it is just the table, and 39 pounds with all the accessories. All these can be stored neatly and placed in a carrying bag that also comes with a shoulder strap. This product also comes with a 5-year warranty which would give you a peace of mind.

Saloniture Professional Portable

With 4.6 star rating and over 200 positive reviews (as of writing), you can never go wrong with this one.

It is well-crafted and well-designed with its hardwood frame and each leg even comes with double tension knobs. It is also supported by steel cables giving the table a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. One of the customers even reported that when a member of her family weighing 350 pounds got on top of it, it did not even sway even a bit.

The deck comes with 2 inches of high density foam. You might think that it is of inferior quality compared to the others with 2 1/2 inches, but this is actually not the case. Some patients and therapists prefer it to be firmer so that the pressure of the massage will be absorbed by the body and not the foam. Another positive thing about it is that it is covered by a luxurious PU synthetic leather which is oil and water resistant. It also does not come with a smell which is a big deal.

What is a little bit concerning are the plastic rods that are connecting the head rest. It looks flimsy and looks like it might not hold for very long. However, we have not received any reports of it breaking whatsoever.

It also has arm slings which should be a standard for all. It also comes with a winged armrest which I personally think is not very much of use when it comes to this equipment.

It is available in multiple colors like black, cream, and burgundy so you can choose whatever you like.

Bestmassage Reiki

Probably the longest, widest, and most sturdy today.

BestMassage Reiki Massage Table

With its price, capacity, function, and materials, it would be crazy not to put this on the top 5 list. And with its 77 inches in length and 30 inches in width, this may be the largest of all today. This makes it ideal for tall persons and athletes such as basketball and football players.

At first glance, you can already tell that it is well-made. The frame is made from beech giving it a weight capacity of 600 pounds which is higher than average. Another thing that makes it stand out is the 4-inch high density small-cell foam padding which is also very hard to find. Those who have actually bought and used it can really attest that it is very comfortable.

It is covered by oil and water resistant durable PU leather which is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

The headrest can be easily adjusted for comfort and it comes with face pillow which is very comfortable. A half round bolster is also made available.

Even with its size, it is still very easy and quick to set up and store. And thanks to its carry case, you can bring it almost anywhere you like. But still, it is heavier and bulkier compared to the others above, so if this is an issue for you, consider the other options.

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Other famous brands include: Oakworks, Master Massage, and Stronglite.

Tips in Buying – What to Look For:

Brand: With all the various models and brands in the market today, it can be very daunting to choose for the right one. If you have no idea about the product, you should first look at quality. This is where customer reviews become really helpful. And to make your life easier, we have compiled the top 5 products and listed the brands that are worth your money.

Dimensions: If you are catering to different clients including athletes, then it is wise if you go for the larger ones. With this, you are going to have to give up a little on portability. But if you are looking for a table for your personal use at home, then you can go for the smaller ones.

Another thing to look at is how easy it is to adjust the height. Most products today can easily be adjusted which is great news.

Weight Capacity: This is another factor that buyers are looking into. And again, this falls down as to how you are going to use your equipment, whether for clients or otherwise. There are some products that can accommodate of over 700 pounds, which you might not need if you are going to use it at home with your family.

Cable System: This is what helps the table withstand the weight and pressure and keeping it stable. It is also crucial when setting it up or unfolding it. But some cables are so badly designed that it becomes more of a nuisance so you should look out for this.

Material: For many years, massage tables have been made of wood and it is only recently that some are now made of aluminum. This makes it not only sturdier, but significantly lighter as well. This is ideal for women or those who have clients from different locations. The most common wood used today are beach timber, Maple, and Birch Hardwood.

Another material to look out is the upholstery. The 2 most common are: PU leather and PVC. It is also a matter of preference but it is important that you go for the water and oil resistant so it is less maintenance for you. The most common complaints from this is the smell of rubber which can be annoying so you should consider that as well.

Foam – Buyers are also very concerned on the thickness and of course the firmness of the foam. You don’t want it to be too thin or too soft that the pressure of the massage would be absorbed by the cushion and not on the body of the client.

Price: Like in many cases, the price is the defining factor. If you are still a student or just starting out, your budget may be lower so you can go for the cheaper ones. But if you can afford the more expensive and luxurious products, then you should go for the high quality tables. At the end of the day, all the other factors above will useless if your budget is limited.

Guarantee: This may be the last but definitely not the least. Top brands generally have better guarantees and that’s why they are a bit expensive, but at the end of the day, they give you the best ROI. So before making your decision, you should check on the guarantee for a worry-free purchase.

What are the Differences Between a Massage Chair vs Table?

With the chair, there are only a few select areas that can be targeted mainly on the shoulders and back and the massage techniques are limited as well. It is also just very quick but effective in reducing stress and in rejuvenation. That’s why a lot of workplace use this for relaxing.

You don’t need a big space when performing a chair massage and you can do it almost anywhere. The client does not even have to take off his clothes.

While a chair massage lasts only for about 15 to 40 minutes, a full body massage table can go for an hour or a little over that. This also gives opportunity for the therapist to perform a wide variety of techniques. As a result, you get full relaxation with more muscles getting worked on. A seated massage is cheaper compared than when you are lying on a table.

With this, it does not automatically mean that one is better than the other as it all depends on your needs and preferences.

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If you are seriously looking to buy a massage table right now, then consider only the top 5 we list above as those are the ones that come with the most positive customer reviews and ratings. What you need to ask now is your budget and the features.


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