5 Best Portable Massage Therapist Chairs Reviews – Oakworks, Stronglite, Etc


If you are looking to buy a portable massage chair today, you are in luck. We just did an intensive research to find out which products to consider. We based our criteria on customer reviews and rating, brand, quality, and of course the price. Some models are so cheap that you don’t even have to go for used or second hand.

So whether you are a professional massage therapist looking to have your own chair or someone who just loves a good home pampering, you will definitely find our article useful.

Here are our top recommendations:

Stronglite Ergo Pro II

Co-designed by David Palmer, known as the “Father of Chair Massage”, it is safe to say that the Ergo Pro is one of the best, if not the best out there today. It is a result of many years of experience and it is created with both the client and therapist in mind.

It is made from durable silver aluminum frames with a capacity of up to 1200 pounds static weight and 600 pounds working weight. It has a semi-gloss finish which complements well with its leather-like upholstery.

This high-end portable massage chair is very comfortable thanks to its rounded pads. The legs, face rest, arm support, chest pads are fully adjustable for comfort and convenience. It can cater to clients from 4’6’’ to 6’6’’. It is very lightweight at only 19 pounds so it is very easy to carry it around.

Now for some, the price may be a little bit too high but trust us, it is definitely worth it. This would surely be a great investment for professionals and students alike.

Stronglite is a highly reputable brand and they are very serious when it comes to customer satisfaction that they are offering a limited lifetime warranty on this one.

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Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair

Earthlite Vortex Black

Impress your clients with this sleek-looking equipment and show them how serious you are with your service. The Earthlite’s appeal is way better than the others and not to mention the different colors you can choose from.

It is the lightest at only 15 pounds so this makes it ideal for women. But its weight capacity and durability is not compromised thanks to its one of a kind oval tube aircraft aluminum frame design.

At first glance, you can already tell that the materials and the cushions are of high quality. It has a maximum working weight of 300 pounds and very stable. With the Vortex, you do not have to worry with the different sizes of your client. Those who have actually used it are also saying a lot of positive things about how comfortable the headrest is.

With this, Earthlite has maintained its reputation as truly one of the trusted brands by professionals in the industry. If you like this model, you should also check out the equally impressive Avila II.

The whole package comes with the carrying bag for easy transport and the sternum pad. This product is usually bought with fitted disposable headrest covers.

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Master Massage Apollo

Master Massage Apollo wheels

This brand is known for its high quality massage tables, chairs, pillows and many other related products. The Apollo is one of their best-sellers and it is not hard to see why. It is the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

Its frame is made from Aircraft aluminum which is very light at 18 pounds but it is so strong that it can support up to 1,000 pounds. It will surely last for a very long time as it is coated to prevent from rust formation and scratches.

But it is not only the frame that is durable, as the upholstery is made from rhino hide and the pads are 2-inch memory foams. The seat is also wider than the other products in the market today. Your client will not only thank you for your amazing massage, but the comfort of the chair as well.

Another reason to love this massager is that it comes with a nice-looking wheeled carry-case so it is easy to carry around during promotional events and you would not look like you are carrying a bulky equipment. The chair is also very easy to take out and put back in.

This is perfect if you regularly provide services for bigger clients.

Therabuilt Apex from Therapist’s Choice

Therabuilt Apex black

Don’t be fooled by its cheap price as it currently has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating which is very impressive. Right now, it costs around $84 which is a 58% discount from its original price. Click the link below to check availability of this amazing deal.

We believe that it is great for those who are just starting out or for students. It is very affordable and already comes with everything that you need from an adjustable face cradle to the 3.5-inch foam. The frame is made from metal and it is very stable. It does not wobble at all when the patient gets on or off it.

It is customizable with just a few adjustments on the knobs. You can have clients from 5’ to a little over 6’ tall and they will all feel comfy.

It is very easy to carry around being just 18.8 pounds. The package comes with a convenient carrying case and warranties on the frame and face cradle.

One of the biggest complaints from real users with this portable chair massager is that the screw is too short, which is not exactly the case. The manual just provides the wrong instructions but it can be easily resolved.

BestMassage Premium

BestMassage Premium Burgundy

With over 200 satisfied customers, the Premium is an awesome starter chair that does not ruin your budget. While you get what you pay for, the price is too cheap to miss out.

It is made from 100 percent polyurethane material which is soft and feels good. This foldable massage chair can be fully customized from its seat to the head and hand rest. There is also sufficient padding to make sure that your client will have the best time of his or her life.

Other manufacturers only offer their items in black, but with BestMassage, you also have the option in going for white, cream, burgundy, purple and blue. A lot of users also compliment on how portable it is. It is designed to completely fold flat and it comes with a nice carry case so you can bring it almost anywhere. It can also be great for a tattoo artist.

Note however that it is cheap so it is not as sturdy and comfortable as the other more expensive models here. For only $66, it is perfect for students and new therapists who only uses it a couple times a week.

If you are a serious professional looking for a good investment in your equipment, we suggest you go for the Stronglite above.

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Other models that are worthy of mentioning are:

NRG Grasshopper, Health Mark, Ironman ,Oakworks Portal Pro 3, QuickLite, and Rhea.

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