Panasonic EP30007KX Real Pro ULTRA – Lowest Price Online


Panasonic has done it yet again. It has continued its successful series of massage chairs since 1960 with the release of Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA.

Through a wide range of advanced features and customization, this particular chair offers a lifelike massage sensation and great user experience. It’s the only massage chair that has been tested and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association thanks to its quality and ability to deliver deep tissue massage to all acupoints in the back and neck.

Panasonic EP30007KX Review

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Innovative Sensor Technology and Depth Adjustment

This massage chair uses sophisticated sensor technology to plot what you can call ‘digital map’ of your back, so that it can deliver massage specifically customized and contoured to its shape as well as dimensions, putting special emphasis on spinal structure.

Because each and every one is created differently, the massage is designed to be unique in its own way. The digital map instructs the rollers to determine exactly where to massage and where not to. It uses electronic intensity adjustment to allow you control the chair heads to either withdraw for a smoother gentle experience, or to extend into your back for a deeper massage.

The “Junetsu” Difference

Aptly named junetsu technique, Japanese term meaning ‘ultra-fine kneading’, this feature is Panasonic’s exclusive. It specifically allows the chair to deliver targeted massage to particular tense areas of the body. This technique quickly and deeply penetrates through your muscles down to your bones, allowing you to loosen up even the tightest muscles in your body.

Reflexology massage to give your feet a rest

If massage chairs were to be graded when it comes to professional foot massage, the EP30007KX would definitely top the list. It uses removable and adjustable plates around the feet, along with three airbags per foot that help in increasing circulatory function in your soles. It also incorporates Stimulating Reflexology that increases proliferating energy throughout your body, relieving all the stress in your feet.

Total Body Convergence

This amazing machine offers 200 square of total back coverage, plus an additional 296 square inches over your legs, arms, hips and buttocks. In total, that’s an amazing 296 square inches of coverage which is even more than any other massage chair in its class currently.

Auto Recline and Flexible Ottoman

This chair boasts unique and versatile Ottoman Technology that guarantees to keep you rested as it works to relieve your tension and stress. This feature can be used open or closed, ensuring a perfect fit for your body regardless of how tall or short you are.

Amazing Program Memory

The EP30007KX will literally remember massage presets so that you can enjoy a perfectly tailored massage. You have the freedom to save up to six custom programs for four different users to the memory, which amounts to an amazing 24 memorized programs.

The whole purpose of a massage chair is to deliver deep tissues, human-like massage, relieving all the stress and tension in your body. Unlike most such chairs on the market today, the Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair comes with unique features that allow it to extend its functions deep into your muscles. It’s designed to contour your back, hitting every acupoint for the ultimate experience.

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