Osim uStyle2 Massage Chair Review – Versatility and Style


Traditional massage chairs have always been on the bulkier side. The Osim uStyle2 is keen on changing this image and eventually attract users who have held back their purchase for this sole reason. Measuring 30 inches in height, 35.2 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 132.27 pounds in weight, the this product is not necessarily petite and light. However, the overall look and feel of the chair make it a different breed altogether. Let us learn more.

Osim uStyle 2 massage chair

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The Osim uStyle2 is easy to use and operate. It’s quite versatile and flexible, and is equipped with features to adjust width, height and also length. Just a mere push of a button is good enough to extend the foot rests and back, thereby transforming an otherwise normal-looking chair into a massaging behemoth. The back massaging component is customizable and delivers tapping, kneading, and rolling functionalities all across and along the back.

The chair offers five programs: Energize, Relax, De-Stress, Neck & Shoulder and Lumbar. Besides these automatic setups, there are nine manual massage options too that help target particular body areas. The manual modes offer individual and combinations of the following massaging techniques such as rolling, tapping, kneading, and vibration.

Stylish Look

Osim uStyle 2 standard chair

Unlike most of its other similar products, the uStyle2 does not look tasteless from an aesthetics front. It’s made from supple upholstery that’s soft to the touch, is straightforward to clean, and looks and stays beautiful. The chair, in fact, is the first of its kind to transform into a complete-body massager from a stylish and trendy accent chair.

It looks quite its time and is sophisticated enough to blend well into your living room’s scheme of things. Simply put, you can use it as regular furniture and then turn it into a massage chair when it’s time to loosen up and get a dose of relaxation and calm.

It quite literally is the superhero of massage chairs. When under use, it unveils itself and shines in full glory. When put aside idle, it cut backs its wings and looks every bit a normal sofa/chair is. For instance, the foot massager is a critical feature – offering vibration, rolling and deep-kneading services. However, when it is put to rest and set to its original state, the prominent foot massager sets into oblivion.


Osim uStyle 2

It’s a great daily device for senior adults. Young and active members of the family can use the chair to ensure faster muscle recovery from rigorous physical activities and exercises, thanks to the chair’s blood circulation and stress-easing traits. With regular usage, your sleepless nights and stress (physical and mental) would become history.

Usage Tips

When setting in for a session, ensure your neckties, scarves, jewelry and necklaces are removed. It’s important to wear lose and comfortable clothing so that the chair contraction or compression cycles don’t cause trouble.

Before a massage, hydrate yourself by sipping in a glass of water. Water content in the body before a session ensures the blood circulation is not sluggish. Moreover, water also helps flush toxins out of the body post the session.

Choose a calm and tranquil setting for the massage. You need not pack your chair and head to the woods, but ensure there’s not a lot of hustle in the house or no one’s at home when you sit down for the process. For the muscles to relax and stay stress-free, it’s important to keep the mind unperturbed as well.

Put on baggy and loose clothes for a massage. Pajamas, loose shirts, track pants, etc. will bode well. However, don’t go completely nude as it’s recommended that there’s a light barrier between the upholstery and your skin to mitigate any skin irritation and burning issues.

Not Recommended For:

The uStyle2 massage chair is not recommended for pregnant ladies, diabetes patients, people with thrombosis and/or phlebitis, or individuals who are have blood clotting problems. Also, it’s an adults-only relaxation tool – not meant for kids, strictly.

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