In Review – Osim uAstro2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair


People who spend most of their days running up and down or on their feet will heave a sigh of relief thanks to the Osim uAstro2 massage chair, the upgrade from the original uAstro.

This chair is the perfect addition to a living room as it will ease your muscle aches through its various well-designed settings.It comes fully equipped with a massager that takes care of all key areas of the body that experience constant tension like the neck, legs and arms to ensure the relevant muscles function at optimum levels.

uAstro 2 Review

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· 12 options with 15 minute intervals auto-off.
· 5 level options that start from easy to intense.
· Optical detection for pressure points.
· A scanning system for a customized experience.
· Recline option at the touch of a button.
· Remote controlled for convenience.
· LCD display that is colored.
· Arm, neck, legs and back rests massage.


· Every sore muscle in the body is relieved through kneading and heating. This is made possible by the heat pad that is systematically placed in the chair while the optical pressure detects the areas to be massaged

· The uAstro2 comes with a recline option that can be activated at the touch of a button for instant full body relaxation. This is made possible by the “zero gravity” technology that relies on elevating the legs when reclining to pivot the body which spreads the weight evenly on the body to relieve pressure for the ultimate tension relief.

· LCD color display is included to enable one to follow the massage routine. This makes it easy for one to track the time used per program for maximum stress release on the entire body.

· For additional massage on areas that need extra attention, use the available options to add extra time to the specific area for a longer and intense session.

· It can be used on a daily basis to make chronic pain that is caused by various illnesses manageable. There are no limitations to the number of times you can use the uAstro2 especially since it is reliable and durable.

· It is large and roomy to fit various body sizes without being too tight due to its frame that has wide shoulders and wider seat making it a comfortable chair.

OSIM uAstro2 Recline Chair


· Many people find the price tag on this chair quite hefty which locks out a lot people who would have benefited immensely from this state of the art chair. But you can always check for deals and discounts on reputable online stores.


Having such great product around is not only good for one’s body but is also a good way to save on time but also on money. It eliminates the need to frequently seek out professional masseuse to get rid of those aching muscles.

Such predicaments are especially common for people who have jobs that are highly demanding. They get to relieve tension on the neck, shoulders, hands, legs, calf and arms by simply seating on their smart chair and watching television or reading a book on a daily basis!

Overall, the uAstro 2 is a good accessory to have around as it takes care of one’s body for a long time to come without the need for constant maintenance.

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