Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Review and Comparison Vs OS-7200CR


Released in 2015, the Osaki OS-7200 is the newest model of the series and it is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology. It can perform many massage techniques and styles in a very humanistic way and at pin point precision.

It also has many features that you can’t find in any other chairs but it has pre-set programs so you won’t get confused.

Here are the things that you get from the massage chair:

Osaki OS7200H Robotic Chair

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The Zero Gravity is now a must for every massage chair. With this position, the pressure that your backbone is normally getting will be temporarily reduced. You will also feel that the massage is deeper and more intense. It also has many great health benefits.

This robotic recliner comes with a Quad-Roller System which feels almost like real human hands. It can nearly replicate the touch of a massage therapist and not like a humming or a heavily vibrating machine.

The Osaki OS-7200H has a total of 51 airbags which is the most in any models from this brand to date. It includes 2 in the innovative pillow which targets the neck and head. Since it has a couple of layers of padding, you can adjust the intensity by removing a layer. And to supplement it are 2 more airbags on the outer shoulder which produce inward squeezing.

Multiple airbags are also installed on the on the arms, hands, feet, and calves for compression massage. They inflate to apply just the right amount of pressure to relieve tension and pain.

There are also 2 more sets located on the side that target the thighs, hips, and pelvis. And like the ones in the shoulder area, they also perform inward squeeze and it has a width limit of 17 inches.

There are up to 5 intensity levels that you can choose from these airbags and you can adjust it separately by area.

Osaki OS 7200H Robotic Chair

The Computer Body Scan gives you the best personalized experience regardless of your size and body type. It works with the rollers sliding up and down to read the curvatures of the body and automatically design a massage program for you. And as for your lower body, this machine also has an Auto Leg Scan which calculates the length of the leg to make sure that the airbags are targeting the appropriate places. And that during the Stretch Mode, the calves will be gripped firmly and the proper stretch will be performed when the leg rest is extended forward or backward, whichever the case may be.

Additionally, it also has a S-Track Robot Design which ensures that the rollers provide an equal pressure from the neck down to the lower back. It knows the anatomy of the spine including the S-Curve.

Osaki fully understands that hardworking individuals usually have problems with tight muscles on the neck and shoulder area, and to make the massage even more effective and the experience even better, they added Heat Therapy along the shoulder.

Two great additional features that you will surely love are the MP3 Connectivity and Chromotherapy Lights. You can now play your favorite beats by connecting your device including Apple products to the internal speakers. Or feel even more relaxed by turning off the light in the room leaving the blue LED lights attached on the side panels on.

The chair can fully recline of up to 170 degree angle and the footrest and the backrest can move independent from each other which can be very convenient. And talking about convenience, it has a very user-friendly Remote Control with a large bright LED display which is very useful when the lights in the room are all off. With it, you can select the 6 unique pre-set programs.

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OS-7200H VS OS-7200CR

Both models look almost exactly the same but there are a few differences that you should know. First, the 7200H has 3 more airbags than the 7200CR which only has a total of 48. Also, the first one has a head air massage while the latter does not.

Then so why is the 7200CR more expensive? It is because of the foot rollers. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and the foot rollers will do its magic. It can really take away all the aches and pains your lower body is having. This is what makes it about $1,000 more expensive after all the discounts but a lot of users really love it so it is all worth it.

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