Osaki OS-7200CR Massage Chair With Zero Gravity Review


A product of extensive research and development, the Osaki OS-7200CR is one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs that you will find in the market today.

Boasting high quality and a wide array of extensive features, this Osaki machine utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide all the benefits of a full body massage while still managing to look amazing in any room or setting.

Succeeding the Osaki OS-7200H, this delightful massage chair carries on the legacy of its predecessors while offering some unique additional features bound to provide an unforgettable human-like massage.

Want to find out more about this techno-savvy device? Let’s get into the review so you can see exactly what this product have in store for you.

Osaki OS-7200CR Massage Chair Deluxe

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Osaki OS-7200CR Special Features

1. 2nd Generation S-Track Ensures Consistency of Massages Pressure – The Osaki massage track is designed in such a way that it molds to the contour of the user’s back enhancing the movement of the massage heads with unmatched accuracy.

2. Airbag Compression System for Upper and Lower Body – A total of 48 air bags are accurately placed on the neck, shoulder, seat, arms, calves, feet, waist, lumbar and feet area. Best of all, the OS7200CR provides 5 levels of intensity settings that allow the user to easily customize the massage to the users preference.

3. Dual Foot Rollers Provide Reflexology Massage for Tired and Sore Feet – The foot rollers provide a soothing reflexology massage to the soles of the feet and even target acupuncture points to reduce stress and tension.

4. Body Scan Technology For Ultimate Massage Accuracy and Efficiency – Experience the most human like massage from this Osaki massage chair with its enhanced 3D rollers that allow the user to extend the massage heads for an intense massage. The enhanced 3D massage rollers are designed to go deeper and wider compared to the traditional massage heads.

5. 2-Stage Zero Gravity Recline To Reduce Vertical Pressure On Your Spine – The Zero Gravity is a recline system that was developed by NASA 20 years ago. It is a stress-free and relaxing position in which your legs are placed above the heart and your weight is evenly distributed throughout the chair.

With the 2-stage Zero Gravity recline, the user only needs to push a button and the chair pivots and reclines to the position. Push the button again, and the chair reclines even further to provide an intense massage session.

Other Important Features of The Osaki OS-7200CR

  • The Acupoint technology targets acupoints within the user’s body with amazing accuracy.
  • An MP3 player connection adds pleasure to your massage session by delivering music through the speakers strategically placed at head level.
  • The lower back and lumbar heating system provides relief for those suffering from lower back pain.
  • LED blue ambient lights provide a relaxing environment for massage therapy
  • A twin-quad style roller that mimics the motions of human thumbs and fingers greatly enhances the massage experience.
  • Upper shoulder massage works efficiently to ease held up tension in the shoulder area.
  • Provides a foot-and-calf airbag massage that hits all the acupuncture points for the most effective massage session.


  • This Osaki massage chair allows the user to further customize their massage. It has 5 strength settings for the rollers, 3 width settings for the rollers and 5-speed adjustments just to mention but a few.
  • From kneading and tapping, to rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish, this massage chair provides users with plenty of options when it comes to massage techniques.
  • This massage offers a unique stretch massage for tall people by firmly gripping the calves and slowly stretching forward while gently pulling down.
  • An auto-timer ensures that the user is safe from injuries even if he/she falls asleep during the massage.

Final Words: Should You Buy The Osaki OS-7200CR?

If you are always on your feet at work all day and are looking for a high quality massage chair that provides the added pleasure of heat therapy, then this is your best pick. Not only does the Osaki OS-7200CR have every feature you could ever ask for in a massage chair, but it is also sturdy, looks great and the foot rollers are just amazing!

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