Osaki OS-7075R Review – Features and Lowest Prices


The Osaki OS 7075R is an upgrade of the OS-7000, which gained a lot of popularity among massage lovers. This model offers a more vigorous massage compared to its predecessor. It has retained the innovative design that Osaki is renowned for. It comes with a variety of impressive features and is a great choice for people who enjoy deep massages.

Osaki OS-7075R in Ivory

OS-7075R Features

This massage chair has Zero Gravity capabilities. It can tilt up to 30 degrees and this puts your spine in a relaxed position. The tilt gives you a floating sensation that can be compared to the weightless feeling that astronauts experience when they are in space. The chair also elevates your feet to put them above your heat, boosting blood circulation.

It comes with 13 motors and each one of them is designed to carry out a particular function. The motor used to control the massage rollers that target the back has a higher horsepower when compared to other products. This ensures your back gets a more aggressive and intense massage.

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There are 46 airbags on this model that target the thighs, feet, hands, head, arms, shoulders, and legs. These airbags give a swaying and compression sensation and they ensure your entire body is worked on while you are on the chair. This is different from other models that tend to focus on the spine during a massage.

One of the distinct features is the inclusion of mechanical foot rollers. There is a roller system located below the soles to offer a therapeutic massage for your feet.

The model has 6 automatic programs that include:
· Pelvis Swing Plus 3
· Stretching
· Weightless
· Neck and Shoulder
· Nighttime
· Whole

These programs are included to make sure every part of your body is targeted. They also allow you to customize the massage to suit your preferences.

The Osaki OS 7075R comes with a heating system that focuses on your feet, back, calves, head, shoulders, neck, and hips. This system makes the massage experience even more relaxing.

It applies body scan technology to determine the kind of massage you require. It is an infrared technology that will scan your spine and establish its shape. It will also determine your body girth, size and contour to ensure that it offers the best massage. All you have to do is relax and allow the massage chair to do all the work.

It also has a Thai stretch program that is designed to offer a therapeutic stretch. The airbags on this chair will grab your shoulders, feet, and ankles and make sure they are well stretched.

There is a state-of-the-art massage robot that will conform to your body shape and get rid of any pain and tension.


This Osaki chair has some of the most advanced features you will find on any massage device. It is also simple to use and you almost feel like a human being is offering the massage when you are on it. If you are in search of a chair that will massage and stretch your entire body, you should seriously consider this model.

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