Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair With YouTube Video Review


Massage chairs are without a doubt among the most amazing inventions in the world of home décor and furniture. These extremely comfortable seats have been known to work wonders on users whether from a long day of work or simply relaxing at home.

If you are looking for one, it is important to make sure that you get the very best in the market. One model that falls under this category is the Osaki OS-6000 Zero Gravity massage chair, which is one of the latest in the series.

Being a product of Osaki, you can be sure that no resource was spared in the design and set-up. It comes with an advanced micro-chip computer, capable of performing human-like techniques and combinations, and of course, you now get to enjoy it with heat therapy.

Osaki OS-6000 brown

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2 Zero Gravity Technology

This feature is now a MUST on today’s massage chairs. These equipment can cost thousands of dollars so it is important that you must have all the latest features. Also, the benefits of this technology is said to be priceless.

The Zero Gravity allows you to recline the seat to a position where your knees are raised above the level of your upper body. This is both relaxing and functional. The functionality comes in the fact that the position intensifies the roller activity for more effective massages. It also relieves the pressure of your spine and distribute it equally on your back and it improves circulation.

But it does not end there, you can recline the chair even further if you want to for a deeper massage and a more relaxed state. And with the help of the non-slip headrest, you don’t have to worry about sliding off the furniture.

S-track, Body Scan, and Auto Leg Scan

One of the best things of this machine is that it is very easy to customize it. We all come in different size and body structures so it is important that each one of us can enjoy the full benefits.

To achieve this, Osaki equipped the OS6000 with an innovative S-track and 3D Massage Technology to provide equal pressure throughout the back from the shoulders down to the lumbar area. This is a big improvement from old models that have rollers that just run in a linear track.

For the lower body, the leg rest can also be moved up or down to accommodate the different height of the users. This ensures that the airbags are touched on the appropriate muscle groups.

Quad Rollers

This is, of course, the most important feature and is honestly what makes this seat so amazing. With the twin rollers, it would feel like you are getting worked on by real thumbs and fingers of a masseuse.

Combined with the various intensity and speed settings, this model is the ultimate product as far as full-body pampering goes.

51 Airbags

With a total of 51 airbags, this is the most with any massage chairs today along with the OS 7200H. All of which are strategically located on important areas that can’t be reached by the rollers such as the:

Neck and Shoulders: Capable of accommodating of up to 17 inches wide, almost anybody can enjoy a good squeezing massage on the shoulder area. Airbags are also located on the neck which can bring a lot of relief after a very stressful day.

Hips: An airbag is located on each side of the seat on the hip area for compression which can also reach the thighs. And like the shoulders above, it has a maximum limit of 17 inches.

Arms: It does not matter what your line of work is or what you do on a daily basis, but we all have that day that we get very tired arms and hands. With these bags, you can really appreciate a good squeezing on this part of your body.

Lower Body: Whether you are on your feet all day or you are into strenuous physical activity. You will also love the compression massage on your calves and feet.

Stretch: This mode is intended to stretch the muscles in the legs. Airbags on the calf muscles area are inflated to hold it and the ottoman extends away from the chair to stretch the muscles and then moves downwards.

Other notable features:

Programs: The OS-6000 comes with 6 unique pre-set programs: Healthcare, Smart, Therapy, Relax, Circulation, and Demonstration, all of which you must try to determine which one is best for you.

It also has 6 manual massage styles from shiatsu to kneading. And best of all, you can further adjust these programs by its intensity, speed, and width of the coverage area.

Pillow and Paddings: These are another features that you won’t easily find from other models. The pillow is added to provide for more comfort and it has airbags that squeeze the neck muscles. And of course, the cover of the pillow can be removed and washed.

Music and Lights: The sound system allows you as the user to connect MP3 players to enjoy your music as all the tension and exhaustion is quite literally beaten out of your body. It enhances the experience by allowing you to relax. The 2 speakers are located in the shoulder area.

And if you turn off the lights in your room, blue LED ambient lights can be activated to create a very relaxing and therapeutic feeling.

Synthetic Leather: This is great first and foremost in terms of added aesthetic value. Leather is elegant and is versatile in that it can be added in any living room without ruining the desires look. It also increased durability as it is tough and resilient material. There are 4 colors to choose from: black, cream, charcoal, and brown.

Bottom Line:

With all its amazing features and capabilities, there is no denying that this is a great massage chair model. So if you are in the market for one, the Osaki OS-6000 is definitely worth a look at and you will not be disappointed.

Note: There are rumors that this model will be discontinued, and if this is the case, you should consider the OS-7200H which is the closest or the best-selling OS-4000T.

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