Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Review and Installation Video


The OS-4D is the latest in the Osaki Pro-Series which was just released in 2016 and it is made in Japan which is what a lot of consumers are looking for. It is considered as the most advanced product available on the market right now. It is also made by the Fujiiryoki brand which is the pioneer of these machines and famous for the EC-3900 model.

Going for the latest models when it comes to gadgets and electronics has a lot of advantages. With this seat massager, you get to be one of the first to enjoy the Kiwami Mecha Basis which is a 4D roller system which consists of 2 balls capable of moving multiple directions.

Osaki OS-4D in Black

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What exactly is a 4D?

We have heard a lot about 3D massagers, but it is only recently that a 4D has been designed. What this technology actually means is that you get the benefits from 3D plus full control of speed and time.

This is where the New Kiwami Mecha Basis 4D System come in where the rollers can go in multiple directions and reach areas other products can’t, while enjoying the speed and duration of your own choice. These rollers are also so well-improved that you will really feel like you are being touched by a masseuse especially with the shiatsu technique. Nobody wants to feel being massaged by a machine with all its bulky parts and noise.

Also, it does this with incredible precision that no matter what body type you have, your problem areas can still be targeted.

Techniques and Programs

There are a total of 28 different techniques to choose from. You can go for the basics such as kneading, tapping, wave, and rolling. And the first three can be switched in to 4 modes: hand kneading in which the area will be gripped slowly and then released quickly, loop which is an up and down rhythm, 3D which involves the protruding ball, and stretch.

There are also techniques which are designed for specific parts of the body like the shoulder, neck, waist, hip, and bladebone.

All these techniques can be overwhelming especially for those who are not familiar with the different types. That’s why Fujiiryoki installed 10 auto-programs that target various areas, for different purposes, and different intensity. There are actually 5 Basic programs and with a simple touch of a button, it will shift to the Kiwami Mecha course which makes the massage more intense.

3D Point Navigation

With this proprietary technology, the rollers will scan your entire back to locate the curvatures and measure the size and length of your spine before the start of every operation. This is very helpful if there are multiple users like in a family as each one has different body type and size. This will give a very accurate and personalized session every time no matter who sits on the machine.

12 Levels of Strength

Some people love a soft touch and others go for an intense deep kneading massage. So to add to its customizability, there is a total of 12 intensity levels to choose from. You can go for the weak “rubbing mode” for a more relaxed and soothing experience or go for the strong Kiwami Mecha modes for the ultimate satisfaction.

44 Airbags

As if the back roller is not enough of a reason to get this product, the manufacturer decided to make it way better by adding 44 air bags which target areas such as the gluteal muscles, arms, hips, calf muscles, and soles of your feet. There is also various of styles that this system can offer but you will really feel relieved with the grip and stretch motion.

What makes this even better is that the system is divided into 3 regions (upper body, lower body, and the footrest) and you can set the intensity on each one independently. This is especially helpful if you have a problem or injury to a specific body part and you don’t want it to get worked on too much.

You can never find this option from other models. So depending on your preferences, or as what the occasion calls for, you can personalize this feature as well.

How to Install Osaki OS 4D Massage Chair Video:

Air Cross and Air Twist

This is another cool feature that you can’t find in most equipment. The waist and hip airbags operate at the same time to achieve a specific action. For the “cross”, the airbags work diagonally to stretch the waist, while on the “twist”, both work side by side to target the mid-section. Follow the below for a better illustration.

Heat on Sole:

For those who are always on their feet, walking, into sports or been experiencing foot problems, you will really love this feature. You can turn on the heat and enjoy the warmth while the air bags are squeezing your calves and feet. There is no better feeling than having this amazing combination. You will really feel rejuvenated after a few minutes with this.

Recline Positions

What is really interesting about the Osaki OS4D Pro is that you can independently adjust the backrest and the footrest from each other. This gives you more options and freedom to select a position of your liking. The backrest can recline from 120 to 170 degrees while the footrest of up to almost 150 degrees. All these can easily be done with the remote control.

Additionally, the length of the ottoman can also be customized with its sliding mechanism making it perfect for users of any height. So everyone in the family gets to enjoy a massage in their natural fit.

Removable Padding

For the hardcore massage lovers who think that deep tissue kneading is not enough, you can also easily remove both the back and pillow pad for added pressure. This also makes it easier to clean as these two parts are some of the most susceptible to dirt.

Final Words

This product can go as high as almost $10,000, but some online retailers offer it in big discounts like Massage Chair Deals that priced it only for $5,995 as part of their New Year Special and they regularly give away big discounts throughout the year. You can visit them by following the link below. Since this is made in Japan, you can expect nothing but high quality parts and advanced technologies.

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