Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review (OS-4000T Update)


Osaki has been quite successful in making high quality massage chairs that have made it to the top. This time it introduces the Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair, which happens to be one of the most popular massage chairs of 2016 and is truly A GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY.

Its design is amazing, with exceptional features that even allow you to raise your legs above your heart for the purpose of distributing your weight evenly for ultimate relaxation of the whole body. It promises to make you feel like human hands are massaging all the sweet spots of your body from the neck down to your back with utmost accuracy.

With our current lifestyle, we are constantly stressed and we feel that our body is breaking down. Whether you are a student, an athlete, or works in a 9 to 5 job, you can greatly benefit from a regular massage. And there is no better way to have an accessible and customized pampering than an electronic massager.

Let’s take a detailed review of this chair, looking at its features as well as its specifications.

2016 Update: With the amazing response of this product, Osaki added 3 more variations of the Osaki OS-4000 to respond to the needs of others especially the foot rollers which is discussed below. In fact, they are phasing out the old model and selling the OS4000T (with a T).

Osaki OS-4000T Features

2 Stage Zero Gravity Technology

This is probably the biggest reason for the success of this series and those who have bought it just can’t stop talking how amazing it feels.

This technology was developed by NASA a few decades ago, and its function is ensuring that the pressure along your spine and back position is minimized and equally distributed, all in the aim of offering you deep soothing massage.

In other words, it delivers natural body posture, making it suitable for massage displacing pressure across your body instead of concentrating on specific areas.

The First Stage is where your back and thighs are completely aligned, and the Second is where your body is reclined further in which the level your legs are slightly higher than to that of your heart.

The effects on this include full relaxation because of the decreased pressure on the spine, neck, and lower back.

Body Scan and Leg Scan

Before a session starts, a computer scan will be conducted to ensure that you get a personalized massage based on your body type. It will map the contours and locate parts of your back. You can also make little adjustments for a more accurate approach.

As for the legs, the manufacturer understands that we have different sizes as well. So they designed the leg rest to extend and then retract to determine the length of your legs. This will ensure that the air bags are focused on the right muscles.

Osaki OS4000 LS

S-Track Intelligent Design

Now if you are not that impressed with the body scan, you will surely love the ergonomic design of the roller track. Since each individual comes with different shape and size of their spine, Osaki has come up with a solution for this. The massage rollers can detect the natural curve of our spine which results to a consistent pressure throughout, unlike other robotic chairs that you see in the malls. Talk about a fully personalized experience!

Twin Rollers

These rollers are designed to give the most human-like experience possible so you will feel like you are being treated by a professional masseuse. It kneads, grasps and focuses on a specific area, all courtesy of the built-in advanced rollers and kneading mechanisms You can also make a few adjustments on it such as its width.

Air Massage Technology

The company has been keen in the technology it builds for all its products. For the Osaki OS-4000T, it has incorporated a technology that ensures you enjoy the most human-like massage. The latest upgrade boasts 38 airbags that inflate and deflate for maximum comfort during massage.

Now, if you are thinking that this is lower than other models, that may be true. But Osaki intentionally reduced the number, but increased the volume. As a result, there is now more surface area and the machine is now more efficient.

The air bags deliver an effective deep tissue massage and cover the neck, shoulders, hip, lower back, hip, feet, and even calves.

What you will not find from other cheap models is the body stretch where airbags in the middle and upper regions inflate in specific order to give your body a little twist.

Another development is the arm air massage. So if you play sports like tennis or your work involves a lot of arm movements, this feature alone would benefit you. The bottom area even has rubber bumps that slightly stick out to give more muscle relief.

Easy To Use

osaki os4000t remote control

You may think that with this chair, you just sit still and have your massage at restricted position like the ones at the salon. Well, that is not the case.

You will have the opportunity to control the chair with one of the biggest LCD display that comes with simple visuals and controls. With it you can choose the types of massage you want, including the intensity and the speed. And what is really more impressive is that you can independently choose a specific body part depending on your needs that moment. And this includes the airbags.

You can also use the separate wireless remote for the main features so your session will not be interrupted.

Heat and Vibration Feature

The heat feature is an exceptional component that this product has to be applauded for. In order to enhance the benefits of massage, 2 pads heat up on the lower back, soothing your muscles and calming your nerves. This is perfect for those who have been experiencing lower back problems.

On the seat base lies the vibrating mechanism which will focus on the buttocks and thighs.

Automatic Programs and Manual Mode

If you are new to this, we suggest you simply try out the 7 auto-programs so as not to confuse yourself. These are the Stretching, Demo, Thai, Muscle Relief, neck/shoulder and back/lumbar programs.

You can then play around with the 6 manual modes which are Clapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, and Combo.

You can even personalize further by choosing between full or partial body or to a fixed target. With this, there is so much you can do with all of the options.



Osaki 4000 Review and Specifications

  • Made from synthetic leather
  • Timer of 5/10/15/20/25/30/ minutes
  • Auto shut down after 30 minutes for safety
  • 3 settings for massage speeds
  • 5 settings for air intensity
  • Equipped with overhead and power serge safety protection
  • Weight capacity of 265 pounds
  • User Height of 5’2” to 6’4”
  • Dimensions of 48inches X 35inches X19inches
  • Seat dimension of 18inches X 19inches

Osaki OS-4000 VS Osaki OS-4000T, LS, and CS

There are currently 4 variants of this model and a lot of customers get confused by all of it. So here’s a quick comparison to guide you.

The Osaki OS 4000 is the original model and has become one of the more popular models for a couple of years. It is equipped with great features without being too expensive. But the company decided to make it even better by adding advanced features that caters to specific needs.

Of course, each one differs in price, but not so much. Below are our quick comparisons:

OS-4000T Zero Gravity

The OS4000T is now equipped with foot rollers and performs reflexology. This is perfect for athletes or those who are always on their feet most of the time. It does not only relieve your tired feet but promotes stimulation as well. Another major upgrade is the material used which is now a higher quality synthetic leather. Other parts that have improved but you might not notice are the motors and air bags system.

The Osaki OS4000CS and OS4000LS are the newer massage chairs with the latter being the latest. The most notable improvement you will notice on both is that its longer reach which is now at 42 inches. With its L-Track rollers, its coverage starts from the neck all the way down to back of the thighs. This is in response to products from other brands that also have longer tracks.

A lot of people comment that the original models do not have wider coverage at the shoulder area. So the manufacturer listened and made the necessary adjustments. With the new models, there are now 3 width adjustments available so whether you are 5’2” or 6 feet tall, you can still enjoy an effective shoulder massage.

Another good news that a lot of people will truly love especially those with smaller living rooms or apartments is that it no longer takes a lot of space when it is in a reclined position. Let’s admit it that massage chairs can be bulky and every few inches you can save will make a lot of differences. Both the CS and LS variants now only require less than 4 inches rather than the previous 18 inches.

Osaki OS4000 CS

And lastly, you will be excited to know that a USB charging port is now made available for your smartphones and other devices. This means you can enjoy using the Internet or your Facebook and other social media accounts while having a good massage.

With both having similar upgrades, what’s the difference between the OS4000 CS vs OS4000 LS? The LS model has the foot rollers while the CS only has the foot air massage. The rollers can provide reflexology and also stimulate acupuncture points. And with this, it is more expensive by a couple of hundred dollars which is all worth it.

See all the models here!

Osaki OS-4000T Vs Inada Dreawave

A lot of serious buyers are also very much interested in the comparison of both top-selling massage chairs.

The main difference between the two is the price. As of writing, the Osaki costs $2895 while the Inada Dreamwave (previously also known and Sogno) comes with a price tag of $8,799 or $9,799 if you want the genuine leather material. With this alone you can already decide which path you want to proceed. The Osaki is not only the cheaper option but truly a value for money while the Inada is very luxurious.

Osaki OS-4000T Vs Inada Sogno Dreawave

Other features that should be highlighted is that the Inada has the Dreawave technology which you can’t find anywhere else and it also has better coverage at 1,200 square inches which is still the most today. It also has a total of 13 motors. You can read more about it here.

The Osaki on the other hand has the famous Zero Gravity which a lot of people are looking for right now. It has a total of 7 motors. And if you go for the OS 4000 LS, you can enjoy a longer roller track.

Final Words:

The Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is one of the unsung heroes in the vast array of massage chairs available today. It is a wise investment for those who need to have soothing massage, especially after long days of work. Its quality is compared to none and its features are exceptional when it comes to offering accurate and focused massage. You can get it today and join the many people who are enjoying its many benefits right from their homes.

Now all you have to do is choose the color of your liking from Black, Brown, Cream to Charcoal.

Where to Buy?

To get the lowest price online and enjoy warranty, make sure that you purchase one at reputable merchants like Amazon, Brookstone, and other retailers like the one on the link below. You should also get a manual to enjoy its full features, safety precautions, and installation. You can also find installation videos on YouTube.

Order Online:

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There is a 1 year warranty and an additional 2 years parts factory warranty so your investment is fully protected.