Review of the Affordable Osaki OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair with Heat


The Osaki OS-3000 Massage Chair is one of the truly value for money products from the Osaki brand. It is known for its extended S-track design which is capable of including the thighs and buttocks during the session. The Chiro actually has the longest massage range at 36 inches among the OS series to date.

It is also named as such because it offers amazing roller massages at the lower back. The various color schemes offered are charcoal, black, brown and cream. Some of the highlighted features and technology the OS3000 is equipped with are discussed below.

Osaki OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair Charcoal

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Osaki OS-3000 Technology

This cheap model is capable of reclining of up to 180 degrees with just a simple touch of a button. Of course, you can make a few adjustments that will make you feel most comfortable. It is one of the best massage chairs under $3000 with this feature. It is also equipped with 6 massage styles, S Track Intelligent Massage Robot, 18 total airbags and 5 unique auto programs which are further discussed below.

Leg adjustment and Auto-recline

The chair’s footrest is mounted to a spring-action-track extending out by application of pressure. The feet are massaged by an updated system irrespective of the recline position. By simply pressing the auto-recline remote button, the chair automatically reclines. For you to achieve your most comfortable position, simply adjust both the legs and the backrest to your preference.

5 Unique Auto Programs

The preset programs are great for anybody, especially for those who want a deep tissue massage, get worked on the glutes, or those who may just want a good stretch. It helps them attain a full therapy session right out of the box by taking all of the complicated programming and technology hurdles away from regular users.

Chromotheraphy Lighting and Width control

It has LED-lighting on the sides which helps relaxation, where the room is dim or dark, by emitting soothing-blue lights to the surrounding when activated. The width is controlled by modes from narrow to wide.

S-Track Movable Intelligent Robot

The S-Track Movable Intelligent System is another great feature where the technology is designed to work and adjust to the contours of the human spine therefore, covering the upper and lower back area. It also has the ability to cover the entire back, in addition to making minor adjustments in real time massage.

The customization assists to focus on problem areas including the shoulders, neck and lumbar, in addition to giving a unique massage therapy session. The UNIQ mode ensures it targets areas below the hips and entirely recline back to massage the thigh area and the buttock. The reclined position for this style is imperative to make sure the rollers apply the right amount of pressure.

18 Airbags

This amazing recliner is known for its ability to reach the glutes. It has 18 airbags which is less compared to other models but these are also strategically throughout the chair to still provide a satisfactory experience.

Fully Customizable

This product has so much capabilities that everybody in your household will love it. To add, the ottoman can be extended which is great news for the taller users of up to 6’4’’. Also, depending on one’s preference, the footrest and the back can be reclined independently from each other. You can even individually target specific areas of your body to be massaged.

Six (6) Massage Styles

The Osaki 3000 massage chair can deliver up to six massage styles similar to those found in spas and parlors. It is equipped with six different styles and you should try out all of it to know which suits you best. It includes the tapping , Rolling , Kneading , Shiatsu , Combo and Swedish .


– Very easy to operate compared to others
– One of the most intense massagers
– Computerized body scan
– Range of colors and a timer
– Very comfortable thanks to its memory foam pads

Final Verdict:

Osaki OS 3000 is definitely a major contender among other massage chair models in the market. It offers innovative technology, great features and affordable price, in addition to a 3 year rock-solid warranty to all their quality products. The Osaki OS-3000 comes as one of the very best products within its price range.

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