Review of the Osaki OS-2000 Massage Chair and Lowest Price


The designers of Osaki OS-2000 massage chair were concerned with its appearance and style. It is therefore an example of a perfectly designed massage chair which can be used for advanced functions. It is highly innovative because the designers fitted it with a microcomputer that has the capability of performing a combination of various massage styles.

Osaki OS2000 Brown and Beige

Massage Styles

The Osaki OS2000 has the capability of performing six styles of massage. A user can select from: Tapping, Rolling, Dual Action, Kneading, Shiatsu, and Swedish. It also has an option that allows a user to use a combination of two of these styles. This feature makes this Osaki model unique and superior to its alternatives.

The chair has the capability of serving tall people, who are up to 6’4″ in height. To make it possible for the massage chair to serve taller individuals, the producers ensured that the massage track has a length of 31″.

Zero Gravity Position

The chair is adjustable, making it possible for a user to achieve any position for efficient massage. One of the best positions a user can achieve is the Zero Gravity position. As the user reclines the chair backwards, the front parts of the seat will be raised up allowing the legs of the user to reach the level of his heart. When heart and the legs are at par, the user then feels a sense of weightlessness which can be very relaxing. This is a perfect and comfortable position for a good massage.

The Strength and the Speed Button

This incredible Osaki machine has a strength button. This is a function that makes it possible for the user to increase the frequency of up to 5 levels. However, this function is limited to only two styles of the massage, namely; the dual action and the kneading styles. Additionally, the speed button has five levels user can adjust the massage to. It only applies to three massage styles. The styles are rolling, shiatsu and tapping styles.

Additional Features

Osaki OS-2000 in Black

Timer: The chair has a timer on the left hand side of the remote. This function enables users to set it in a five minute interval. The minimum is five minutes while the maximum is 30 minutes. This serves as a safety precaution so you don’t get too much worked on.

Manual Mode: The manual mode carries out a variety of functions. It enables the person sitting on the chair to choose the massage style, time and intensity. Others include the ability to select the recline position and the location of the massage. Regarding the location of the massage, the manual mode enables a user to focus on a particular area of massage.

Automatic Recline: Osaki OS 2000 massager enables users to raise up the ottoman leg. This is achieved when the backrest is reclined.

Control of the Back Massage Width: With this product, you have the capability to adjust the roller width, depending on the style of massage selected. The options include wide, medium and narrow width.

Airbag Technology: Of course, some of the parts of the body will not be reached by the mechanical rollers. This is where airbags come in and give a very satisfying massage by inflating and deflating. This technology ensures that the pressure the machine produces is just the right amount. Some models don’t have this but some of the modern models have 40 to a little more than 50.

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