Top 5 Massage Oils, Lotions, And Creams To Use


Whether you do massages as a profession or just looking for a good massage oil for personal use, read on below as we list the best products of today.

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But first, let us explain a little bit about this topic. Massage oils are primarily used as lubricants. This will decrease the friction and gives a smooth touch on the skin. Its benefits include aromatherapy and for making the skin soft and nourished. It does not help in slimming directly, but helps in recovery after exercise.

If you are looking to buy a massage oil today, there are a couple things that you should consider. First is the smell. We all have our own personal preferences so it is important that you should open the bottle and take a quick smell. The popular ones include lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. Next, is how fast it absorbs in the skin. We don’t want it to get absorbed too quickly as it will defeat its purpose and we also don’t want it to stay too long that it would be hard to clean.

Other common factors are price, brand, how it is created, and ingredients that may cause allergy to you.

Honeydew Sensual Massage Oil for Him and Her

This is rated as the best massage oil in Amazon right now so rest assured that this will truly be worth your money. You can use it for either aromatherapy or for home massages. And the best thing about it is that it is relatively cheap compared to other brands.

It is made from 100 percent pure and natural therapeutic oils which means it has no any forms of additives. It is also silicone and paraben free. It is hypoallergenic so those with sensitive skin does not have to worry anything.

The Bulgarian Lavender essential oil is added with hints of almond and jojoba to make it perfect for intimacy and romance. The smell alone will awaken all your senses and make the experience even more pleasurable.

It makes the skin soft and sexy and at the same time, giving a natural slip. Because it has the right amount of carrier oils, its absorption rate is ideal and does not feel greasy. It is very easy to apply and does not stain.

Some users claim that they have used it on their hair and face and got amazing results. However, make sure to read the label before using it and remember that it is for external use only.

It is made in the USA and surpasses all Good Manufacturing Practice standards. And the best thing about it is that even with its high ratings, it is still backed by a money-back guarantee.

Art Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil

Art Naturals Fractionated Coconut Massage Oil

This is another best-selling item and it can also be a great gift idea. It is made from 100 percent pure cocos nucifera and there are no artificial additives on it.

You can actually use it for many different purposes such as a moisturizer, make up remover, and you can even put in your hair as a deep conditioner. If you have dry skin or chapped lips, you can apply a generous amount on it.  It is also helpful in healing cuts and burns.

And because it is not very greasy and absorbs quickly, it makes a great massage oil. It also feels lighter compared to the likes of argon and jojoba. What other users really like about it is that it does not have a strong smell unlike others. It also does not stain so you don’t have to worry about your sheets and clothing. And since it is fractionated, it does not switch into solid form nor create residues.

And with its convenient pump, applying it is no longer messy.

The manufacturer, who is one of the best in natural and organic beauty, is also very confident that you will be satisfied with this purchase that they are putting up a money-back guarantee with it.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to get this item.

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Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion – Unscented

Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion

This massage lotion will be the only thing that you will need. It maintains a gentle drag and does not get absorbed quickly so you don’t have to keep on reapplying. It lasts longer than any other lotion which means you can concentrate more on your work.

It promotes more glide and deep tissue massage for the ultimate body relaxation. If you have been experiencing back pain and all other sorts of discomfort, simply take an appropriate amount, apply on the area, and start massaging.

Other benefits include its moisturizing properties thanks to its Apricot and Sesame oil. And because of its Grapeseed oil, it feels very light and not messy.

It is safe and hypoallergenic because it contains no alcohol and no strong smell which is a big turn off to most people. It also does not have a burning sensation to it.

It comes in an 8-ounce container and with a pump. It may look small but you have to remember that this product is economical and you don’t need a lot every time you use it. You can also opt for the bigger ½ and 1 gallon containers which will give you more savings. It can last up to 1 year depending on how many times you use it and it will not go bad if you store it in a cool place.

Biotone Dual-Purpose Massage Creme

Biotone Massage Cream

The Biotone brand is one of the most trusted by therapists, students, and other professionals so their products always get positive feedback. They can be more expensive than other brands, but then again they are focused more on quality.

The Dual Purpose massage cream is named as such because it is the perfect combination of the workability of oil and how lotions absorb. A lot of Licensed Massage Therapists love the glide and that it also does not have a greasy feel to it. You can easily wash it off in case it spills on the sheet.

The properties of the Arnica and Ivy extracts are great in providing relief from sore muscle and body pain and in overall skin health as well. Because of its safe and natural ingredients, you can use it for almost any part of your body from your feet to your face.

Although it is not an unscented cream, it has a very light scent to it and a lot of users actually like it.

It is available in many sizes from 4 ounces to 5 gallons. Also, if you buy in bulk, you can get discounts or maybe even wholesale pricing. Check out the link below to learn more about it.

Get both the Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion and Dual-Purpose Massage Crème at the link below!

Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

Relax Therapeutic

This product is made by Brookethorne Naturals which is another brand that you can truly trust and rely on. It also has a nearly perfect rating at 4.9 out of 5 stars in Amazon right now.

This spa-grade oil feels very light and great not just for relaxation, but in moisturizing the skin as well. It helps in making your hands glide easily and it does not get absorbed by the skin quickly.

It is highly recommended for all types of massage from full-body, deep tissue, and sports massage. It aids in relaxation and helps in relieving sore muscles.

It also has essential oils such as lavender and peppermint for an invigorating scent. The rest of the ingredients include sweet almond, jojoba, and grapeseed oils.

It is also very easy to use just like any other rubbing oils. Simply put a small amount into your hands, rub it, and apply on the part of your body you want to massage.

It comes in an 8oz bottle and a lot of users caution that the it may spill if you are not careful with the pump.

It is nice to know that this product is paraben-free and not tested on animals. It is also manufactured in the U.S.

How to Make Your Own Massage Oil

Although these lubricants are cheap and can be bought online, there are still a lot of individual who wants to make their own so that it will suit to their personal preferences. Also, some might be thinking of starting a business with it. So here’s a quick DIY video.


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