Best Oakworks Portable Massage Chair Reviews – Portal Pro 3 and Portal Light


If you are looking for a high-quality professional portable massage chair, we highly suggest that you go for Oakworks. The brand is famous for its bodywork tables, chairs and accessories and they are truly committed on quality and customer satisfaction.

The main reasons why people love the brand are that it is designed for professionals and perfect for commercial use as far as safety is concerned. It is also Made in the USA and has one of the best warranties.

If you know a lot of LMTs, chances are, at least one of them has an Oakworks or recommend it. It is not a surprise that professionals would choose them.

Here are our reviews on the best Oakworks portable massage chair:

Oakworks Portal Pro 3

This model is equipped with all the features that a therapist will need. It is compact, lightweight, stable, and exceptionally comfortable. The material used is PVC Free Terratouch and the frame is aircraft aluminum and in tubular shape which is better than the squared ones in terms of strength.

Professional massage chairs in general are adjustable, but the Portal Pro goes beyond that. It comes with more options to better cater the various height and shape of the clients. Additionally, you get better access to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar area.

Both the face and arm rest utilizes a one-handed cam lock operation which is very handy so you can adjust the height easily. Of course, its large chest pad can also be moved and a sternum pad is also available.

It weighs 19 pounds and capable of accommodating of up to 350 pounds working weight. The ideal height is from 4’11” to 6’4’’ and the seat height can be easily adjusted with just a press of a button. The seat can be tilted as well.

Set up is fast and easy so you can use it almost anywhere you like especially that it also comes with an offset wheel and a convenient carry case. You also don’t have to worry about it wearing out as it has long-lasting black powder coating which is easy to care and looks good as well.

One of the most impressive things that I really like from this brand is that they really care for their customers. This package also includes an instructional video so you will never get left behind.

If you buy this, you will get nothing but praises from your clients. And lastly, there are several colors for the upholstery that you can choose from even those that you can’t find elsewhere such as orchid, saffron, and butter. This means you can really stand out from the rest.

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Oakworks Portal Light: Sage and Black

This model is one of the lightest, if not the lightest of all professional massage chairs today at only 15 pounds. In fact, you can just carry it using its strap even without a carry case (see picture below). This means that you can go from one event to another without much hassles.

The secret behind this are its materials and design. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum and you can choose between black and sage colors. The upholstery is high quality as well and there are many colors to choose from. Its Terra touch fabric is also very soft and smooth.

And the most impressive thing about this is that even if it is just at 15 pounds, it has a working load capacity of 300 pounds. Additionally, those who have actually purchased and used it say that the chair is very comfortable.

Other features that you might like is its QuickLock face rest which comes with virtually unlimited adjustments whether it is the height or the angle. The AeroCel crescent is not only comfortable, but it can also fit to almost any shape of the face from narrow to broad. It is perfect for either prone or supine positions. A sternum pad is also included.

This product also does not fall behind when it comes to adjustability. There are many customizations that you can do including the chest pad and the face and arm rest.

The package also includes an instruction video. You can also read the Owner’s Manual about how to set it up and make adjustments.

Oakworks Portal Light review

As to Portal Pro Vs Portal Light, it all depends on how you intend to use it. If you are really serious on your career and you cater to larger clients, you should go for the former because of its higher capacity. Otherwise, if you are still learning, you can go for the latter. There is a little over $100 difference in the price with the Portal Pro being more expensive.

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If you are serious and committed to your work, you should choose a trusted brand like Oakworks portable massage chairs. It is one thing to master the different massage techniques, but it is easier to grow your clientele if you have all the right equipment.

You can never go wrong with either models above, and you can always trust the manufacturer.


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