Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair with Installation Video


If you are catering for larger clients including athletes, we highly suggest that you go for the Master Massage Apollo portable massage chair. This is truly one of the best heavy duty models in the market today. With its durable materials and innovative design, you can expect this product to hold up and provide comfort.

The brand has been one of the leaders in the massage tables and chairs segment for more than a decade, and that says a lot about quality and reputation. Their secret is designing high quality products that are more affordable compared to other brands. This is one of the reasons why they are very popular for students and those who are new in the field.

Master Massage Apollo in Black

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Below is a review of the Apollo Professional portable massage chair:

Like those from other brands, this model is fully customizable as well including the frame, cushions, and platform.

It boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum frame which is the reason why it can accommodate even the heaviest of clients as it has a working weight limit of up to 650 pounds (support weight is 1200 pounds). And what is even more impressive is that it is electrostatically powder coated so you don’t have to worry about scratches and rust. Even with the frame’s long-lasting features and capability, it is still very lightweight.

What this chair has that you can’t find from others is the 2-inch Multi-Layer Small-Cell foam which gives higher density. Yes, other brands claim to have thicker cushions but it is not as comfortable as this.

Another thing that is unique to this product is the Rhino-Hide upholstery which is not only tough, but abrasion proof as well. What all these mean is that it has the thickest, largest, and most durable cushions of all the models today.

Those who have actually bought and used this can’t stop saying how big and convenient the seat is.

Master Massage Apollo large cushion

Both the chest cushion and the face pillow comes with Memory Foam so your client will feel very comfortable. The package also comes with a comfort chest bolster which can be very handy for some women and even men with gynecomastia. The material on the cushions are oil and water resistant and it is CFC-free.

Under the armrest is a secret compartment where your client can place his valuables like his phone and jewelry during the massage.

Although this chair is designed with toughness in mind, you will be amazed on how adjustable it is which is very important. The face cradle can be adjusted 6 ways and the angle of the cushions can be changed as well. The chair also folds easily and neatly into its luggage-style case.

It weighs 18 pounds which is a couple of pounds heavier than others. But you have to remember that this model is designed with the larger clients in mind. And to compensate, the carry case comes with wheels so it is still very easy to transport from one place to another. It is very easy to take out of the case and you can set it up in a matter of seconds.

One of the most common complaints from those who have actually bought this is that the case is not durable enough and that it easily gets ripped right across the seam by the handle.

The overall dimensions are: 19 inches (W) x 32 inches (L) and its adjustable height is 50 inches (H).

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If you want more options from this brand, you should also check out the Professional which is cheaper but may not be as durable than the Apollo. The Bedford is also another cheaper option and perfect for students and those that are just starting out. It also comes with a glossier finish which is easier to clean.

Final Words

The Master Massage Apollo portable massage chair is perfect for your big clients. It has the largest and thickest cushion available in the market today. The design and materials are long lasting as well. There are several features that are unique to this product including the Rhino-Hide material. And the best thing is that it is priced cheaper than other famous models.

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