Infinity Riage Massage Chair Review and Best Prices


If you are looking for a massage chair, it is important that you do your research diligently as this investment can come with a hefty price tag. There are many things that you have to consider such as the brand, price, features, and technology. Also, make sure that you purchase it at the best price online.

Infinity is always one step ahead from the competition. And with the Riage, they have done it again by featuring the longest massage stroke at almost 50 inches and other groundbreaking technologies. While other top massage chairs only go as low as the tailbone, the Riage goes even lower down to the glutes. This means a little more than 30 percent more area will be covered by the massage. This patented L-Track system has made waves in the industry and impressed a lot of users.

Infinity Riage Black/Brown

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What You’ll Get:

This massage chair comes with a modern appeal with its beautiful angles and perfect proportions. It has very luxurious materials that do not only look great, but also feels very relaxing. The Riage provides a perfect fit and it targets both your upper and lower body. With a total of 38 airbags, your arms and wrist, waist, legs, shoulders and other key areas are squeezed giving you a satisfying feeling.

The roller track is designed to perfectly follow the natural “S” shape of your spine to provide an equal pressure and efficient work. Another great feature that you will surely love is that it uses more advanced rollers fully capable of relieving stress and tension.

It can perform the latest massage combination programs such as shiatsu, tapping, knocking, and kneading.

You can also enjoy the optional lumbar heat to get rid of any pain and tightness in your lower back. The reflexology rollers on the sole of your feet are engineered to alleviate the stress from work and other strenuous activities. This is also another feature that has customers raving.

With all the advanced functions and capabilities, it is amazing how Infinity have kept the controls very simple.

It comes in a couple of color combinations such as black and brown which will be perfect for your home.

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Other Features:

2-Stage Zero Gravity Position – All robotic chairs must have this technology. With your feet positioned above your heart and your body weight distributed evenly throughout, you will experience a very relaxed feeling and there is added pressure on the rollers for a more deep tissue massage..

This feature, which was introduced by NASA, has a lot of benefits including relief on the spine and better lung health.

Accu-Roll Shoulder – If you are like most stressed people, then you feel like you are always carrying something on your shoulders. The good news is that with this smart technology, the chair can pin point the areas of the shoulder that need to be targeted.

Spinal Correction and Waist Twist – Both functions are very useful for those with lower back issues. It involves the airbags to stretch specific muscle groups on your back, the rollers moving up and down the spine, and swivel seat swinging side to side.

For those who love their rocking chair, you will be surprised to know that this robotic recliner can produce that back and forth rhythm as well. You won’t find this in just any other models.

Music – With its 2 built-in speakers, you will get to listen to your favorite beats while your body is getting worked on. All you have to do is connect your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and you are all set.

Warranty and Return Policy – With this type of products costing thousands of dollars, it is important that you look at the policies carefully. Fortunately, all Infinity products are manufactured at the highest standards and they even guarantee that the item will be repaired or parts replaced if there are problems that are attributed to them.

Warranties may vary where you buy your massage chair that is why we always suggest that you only go for reputable online dealers. Also, you will have the option of extending your protection by paying a little extra.

Infinity Riage vs Iyashi

So you have decided to go for the Infinity brand but still not have not decided between the 2 of their bestsellers today. With both models priced almost the same, we suggest that you go for the Iyashi mainly because it is the more advanced version. It has the Chromotherapy, the space-saving track technology and it looks better.

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