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The Infinity IT 8500 is the perfect combination of great looks, comfort, and functions. At first glance you can already tell that it is very comfy with its thick pads and cushions. Its synthetic leather also looks very supple and overall it looks luxurious. There are a couple of colors to choose from dark brown, black, and taupe.

It has all the features and functions of an expensive high-end product at half the price. You can even upload your music playlist with its MP3 System which makes your experience even more relaxing.

Read below what we have researched and compiled about this furniture.

Infinity IT-8500 Robotic Chair
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Customized Massage:

This robotic chair has a long 30-Inch Roller Track which is usually just available for the high-end models but the Infinity-8500 has it as well. This makes it perfect even for taller users of up to 6’5”.

And to give you the best personalized experience, the chair scans your entire body with its Computer Body Scan Technology and make the necessary adjustments. Basically, the rollers runs up and down your back to calibrate and locate where the neck and tailbone area located. So no matter what your body shape is or how tall or wide you are, you will still enjoy the full benefits.

For those who are always stressed out at work, you will love the Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage which also uses sensors to detect specific areas on the shoulder to perform an accurate operation.

Various Programs:

If you just want to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good massage, you can simply choose from the 4 Auto Programs: Recover, Relax, Refresh, and Extend. My personal favorite is the Extend mode.

Or you can personalize your own from the 6 Manual Styles: Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading, Dual and Music Synchronization. The last one is really cool and it is also my favorite. You just play your music and the chair massages your body to the beat of the music.

Perfect for Back Pain Sufferers:

Enjoy a good stretch on your spine with the Tru-Grip V Stretch and the Inversion Therapy. In the first one, some parts of your body like your shoulders and calves are being held firmly, then the furniture swivels back and forth. And the second is where your body is reclined at almost 180 degrees allowing the machine to stretch your spine.

For those with problems on the lower back, you will love the Waist Twist Function where your hips will be swiveled sideways. And the Lower Back Heat feature truly brings relief by restoring circulation and reducing tightness on the muscles.

Neck, Head, and Shoulders:

Enjoy air massage on your neck and head with 2 air bags that inflate and deflate to provide pressure. There are several variety of massages that you can choose from. So whether your neck is tense, the muscles tight, or in pain, there is a right option for it.

Leg, Foot, and Sole

If you are always on your feet all day or you live a very active lifestyle and your legs are giving you problems, you will really love this Infinity massage chair. Your lower body will be pampered with a total of 24 airbags and 12 state-of-the-art rollers for your soles. Your aching muscles will be treated with squeezing, rolling, kneading, and even swinging.

Unlike other machines, the IT 8500 has just the perfect amount of pressure on the calf area. It does not squeeze it too much. For some, the foot rollers may be too intense especially for women. But you can easily resolve this issue by turning it off or inserting a thick cloth like a carpet to reduce the intensity.

Arm and Wrist

This is one area that other models miss out. There are a lot of person who also have problems in their arms, wrist, and fingers and this machine takes care of that too. All you have to do is insert your arms in the airbags and enjoy a light pressure that would make your upper limb feel rejuvenated.

Infinity IT8500 Zero gravity

Zero Gravity

All modern massage chairs must have this feature. In case you don’t know, the Zero Gravity is a position where your legs are raised slightly higher than your heart and your entire body weight is evenly distributed in the chair. With this, all pressure on the spine and neck are subdued and there are many known benefits to it such as improved circulation and blood oxygen levels.


A robotic massage can cost thousands of dollars and it is a very big investment for most of us. That’s why Infinity made sure that they only use high-quality and long-lasting materials. This product has very high resistance to wear and tear and is highly protected against heat and the harsh environment. But it is also very easy to clean and maintain so it does not give you additional stress in life.

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