Inada Sogno Dreamwave – World’s Best Designed Massage Chair


Just one look at Inada Sogno Dreamwave and it is clear you have never seen anything quite like it before. Its design is matchless and is made to make you feel completely different when it comes to enjoying deep tissue massage.

As you slip into it, you will feel like your entire body is enveloped in repose and comfort, before you are taken through a massage experience only best described as transcendent.

This massage chair can target virtually any area with complete accuracy in order to help you relieve specific pain and stiffness points.

Sogno Dreamwave, which in Italian means “DREAM”, culminates many years of research and testing, taking uncompromising attention to every detail just to ensure it delivers to its word. The truth is that it has proven to be one of the best massage chairs in the market today.

Inada massage chair review and prices

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Let’s take a review of the features of this product and why you should choose it.

Broad Massage Coverage

You may think that it’s pretty ambitious to refer to this massage chair as one of the best in the world, but once you have experienced its features, you will clearly see why this claim is not in any way far-fetched.

It covers more area than any other model out there, with an amazing 1,200 square inches. This is one of the rarest features in most massage chairs on the market. It can provide you with soothing therapy, massaging your whole body at a maximum recline of 170 degrees.

When it comes to power, you will get 13 motors and a total of 100 air cells that work to ensure you enjoy maximum performance. The ultimate result is an unending relaxation and massage experience.

Dreamwave Technology

Just as its name suggests, this chair uses the latest Inada technology, which ensures that recliner perfectly delivers best Shiatsu massage session and produces gentle and undulating massage. It comprises of 8 motions that massage therapists use to keep your body in perfect balance.

Eight Healthcare Programs

Enjoying a massage session has never been this easy with this chair. You only have to choose from 8 pre-programmed sequences, including Night, Morning, Dreamwave, and stretch, among others and you are good to enjoy a relaxing and soothing massage. This may sound like a standard feature for every massage chair. But the Inada Dreamwave massage chair’s programs are unlike the others. They are highly innovative.

Over 1000 Massage Combinations

Another of the many notable features of this massage chair is its ability to offer you maximum massage experience. In the manual mode, you’ll be able to enjoy different styles and combinations. You can simply select between tapping, kneading, back vibration, and so much more. Also remember that most of the manual controls have multiple options such as intensity and speed to help personalize your needs.

Dreamwave is specially designed to offer complete relaxation. It is a great investment for people who suffer from insomnia or struggle to unwind after work.

Sensor Technology

Another very impressive thing about this Inada is its back sensor scan. What it does is that it tries to “read” the contours of your back. But the greatest thing about it is that it ties it to the 106 unique profiles that are saved in its computer, and then give you the most suitable massage for your body profile. This means a customized session every single time.

Arm and Shoulder Massage

A lot of us feel a lot of aches and pains in our arms and shoulders because of work or sports. Now this machine, unlike the others that focus primarily on the back, massages the neck and the shoulders so well that you will feel relieved of all the tension that you have been experiencing.

Airbags are located on the arms that performs a kneading technique. The bag inflates and deflates which results in a squeezing effect.

Stretch Function

This is yet another exclusive feature from the makers that you wouldn’t find in any other massage chair. It specifically targets the middle part of your back, hips, and shoulders as it flexes, extends and stretches your body parts gently in a rotational motion.

IIIiotibal Band Massage

The Inada Dreamwave is highly recommended for athletes because of this particular feature. It works by applying therapeutic pressure in order to help you relieve tightness in both your thighs and hips.

Youth Session

Most young people today may find the normal massage settings of most chairs a bit too intense, and that’s why Inada incorporates its Youth session configuration, which makes it gentle enough to be used by youths as young as 14 years old.

This however doesn’t mean that older people are not catered for. They will also enjoy gentle massage of their choice by changing the configuration through the settings.

Heat Therapy and Child Safety Features

It is designed with a heater rated 5 watts that warms up to 102 degrees in order to give your lower back and other areas that-much needed therapy. It also integrates child safety features, which include an infant recline obstruction sensor, breakaway power cord, and a child safety lock.

Why the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair?

With quite a number of good massage chairs in the market today, one can literally pick their choice. However, if you want a completely personalized massage, then this is the recliner to go for. You will benefit from its unique design and combine the above unique technology, 8 pre-set healthcare programs, and stretch function – you have the massage chair of your dreams.

Bottom Line

There are many massage chairs in the market that claim to have the ability to deliver full body massage, but the truth is that not all live to their word. The Inada Dreamwave has proven to provide that much-needed relaxation by covering largest part of the body, giving you an experience you never imagined. With that said, it’s no surprise to find sports trainers and wellness centers recommending this particular recliner to their athletes and patients, respectively.

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