Fuji Medical EC-3800 Cyber Relax Medical Massage Chair


Fujiiryoki is the first to have designed a massage chair and has been improving their technology for more than 60 years. Today, this Japanese brand owns the largest share of the market and continues to dominate the beauty and health niche..

The Fuji Medical EC-3800 Cyber Relax Massage Chair is a revolutionary robotic chair that has been engineered to offer a variety of modes and options for users.

This hi-tech chair sports the latest technological advancements including the famed Kiwami Mecha 4D-Knead ball system and Meister Control. It has been specifically crafted to relieve stress and promote health thus making it ideal for anyone with health complications or even for those who just want to keep fit.

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At only 90 Kgs, the EC-3800 can recline of up to approximately 120 to 170 degrees angle that can be adjusted depending on the type of massage being offered. It comes with a detachable back pad & pillow that is easy remove, fix and also to maintain. The EC3800 also boasts of 3-step footrests to allow room for massaging all areas below the knee.

The designer also made sure that comfort is guaranteed courtesy of the high capacity and output airbags that completely cover the entire body. This seat comes with a remote that has full color display and controls. This seat is available in black and beige.


  • 4 Back Massage Modes: The Fuji EC-3800 offers 4 different modes. These are Kneading, Knead Up/Down, Tapping and Shiatsu.
  • Kiwami Mecha 4D-Knead Ball System: This technology controls speeds and timings of all motions and movements for a virtual detailed massage. Actually, it makes the experience almost real.
  • 28 Massage Techniques: One great thing with this recliner is the variety of techniques. It offers 28 different choices including; Kiwami tapping, shoulder blade, upper shoulder press, twist, side knead, Kiwami hip, and so much more.
  • 18 Auto-Programs: This chair comes with 18 automated programs. These programs include Kiwami Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate, Refresh, Relax and many other courses. It also has a memory feature where you can save your favorite massage course.
  • 12 Adjustment Levels: This machine can be adjusted to 12 different levels on manual courses and 7 levels on automated courses. This adjustments range from the soft ‘rubbing mode’ to deep kneading (Kiwami Mecha Mode)
  • 3-Step Footrest: The 3 footrest position offers ample room to allow massage on all areas below the knees. It also has a second part that moves freely to lay focus on specific areas.
  • High-Speed Supply & Exhaust Unit: This massager has a high-speed supply and exhaust system for efficient pressing and releasing action of the airbags for effective blood circulation.
  • Pulse Mode: The pulse mode is responsible for ensuring rhythmical massage. It has the pressurization, holding and depressurization function that makes the whole session feel real.
  • Full Color Display Remote Control: This Fuji model comes with a full control remote that gives users the ability to control the chair with ease. The color display makes it really easy to use.

Fuji EC-3800 Cyber Relax Japan


  • Compact size
  • Variety of modes and features
  • Offers human-like massaging
  • Covers all massage areas below the knees
  • Easy to operate courtesy of the colored display remote
  • It comes with a detachable back pad & pillow for maximum comfort

The Fuji EC-3800 is a great medical massage chair from Japan. It sports a sleek compact design and offers a wide range of options. It has been engineered to offer a wide range of techniques to relieve all types of body stress for a healthy living. It can also be a great purchase for those who just want to live the healthy way. Get it today and experience the power of the new Kiwami Mecha 4D-Knead Ball System!

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