Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA 9100 – A Comprehensive Review


Looking for a good and reliable massage chair can be difficult considering the fact that there are so many brands out there that manufacture them. They all have their pros and cons and comparing them to each other can take an awful lot of time.

Furthermore, massage chairs aren’t cheap because most of them carry four-figure price tags. With that said, before you purchase one, make sure that it’s worthy of your investment.

One of the most popular massage chairs today is the Daiwa Legacy DWA 9100 which is manufactured by U.S. Jaclean, Inc. In fact, this model is the best-seller under this brand. In this comprehensive review, we are going to take a good look into this product and its numerous features. Don’t buy the chair until you’ve read this review.

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Black

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What Makes The Daiwa Legacy Unique?

Conventional wisdom dictates that you purchase a product because it offers something of value to you. This chair is very valuable because it has all the essential features of an effective massage chair.

Additionally, it makes use of advanced technology that you can’t find in other models. For instance, the Daiwa Legacy utilizes what is called the rocking rotation technology which significantly improves the level of relaxation that a person feels when using the chair. The gentle rocking motion will remind you of what it feels like to sit in a traditional rocking chair.

Most Important Features

1) It has a long L-shaped massage track that runs from the back of the neck down to the hamstrings in your thigh. This is possible because of the chair’s rollers with 49-inch stroke which is one of the longest to date.

This means more parts of your body will be subjected to a good massage. Most luxury chairs these days make use of an S-shaped massage track which is less efficient and less effective than the L-shaped track of the Daiwa Legacy massage chair. In short, the L-shaped track provides a better and more relaxing experience.

2) It uses the Rocking Rotation Technology. With this technology in place, the chair is capable of metronome-based movement. This means that the chair can rock back and forth to simulate the feeling of being in a classic rocking chair.

You can either sit or lie down on the chair as you indulge yourself in a luxurious massage. The rocking motion will give you the sensation of floating in the air. Of course, you can always stop the rocking motion whenever you want using the remote control that comes with the chair.

3) It offers therapeutic heat therapy function. To activate this feature, you have to manually turn it on using the chair’s control panel.

The heat that the function produces can substantially help in alleviating the aches and pains in your body especially the ones concentrated in your upper or lower back.

If you are suffering from muscle sores or arthritis pains, the therapeutic heat can help in soothing them down. The flow of the heat follows the structure of the chair’s L-shaped massage track.

4) You can experience what it is like floating in Zero Gravity. By moving the chair’s seat into a 30-degree angle, you will be able to distribute your body weight in a way that it produces a weightless and floating sensation. This removes the stress and pressure in your muscles. You can now just lie there and enjoy the comfort and stress-free experience.

5) It’s pre-installed with Bluetooth technology. If you enjoy listening to music while being massaged, then you are going to love this feature. You can connect devices like iPhones, iPods, and Android gadgets and listen to your favorite songs while you relax. Furthermore, a pair of compact speakers are mounted on the chair for a better sound experience.

6) The chair has an adjustable leg extension and three reflexology rollers. Because the leg extension is adjustable, almost all people with different body types can use the chair. On the other hand, the reflexology rollers massage the soles of your feet to relieve tension as well as improve blood circulation.

7.) You will always get a personalized and accurate massage thanks to its 3D Body Scanning technology. The machine will initially scan the contours of your body and the shape of your spine before starting. This also means that even if there are multiple users in your household, every single one will enjoy it to the fullest.

8.) The Daiwa Legacy DWA 9100 is a full-body massage chair that is also capable of focusing on specific target areas such as the shoulders, thighs, and feet. Additionally, there are a total of 6 auto-programs that you can choose from, each of which offers different purpose.


There’s no doubt that the Daiwa Legacy massage chair is one of the best in the industry. It’s packed with a lot of features and functions that maximize the user’s experience. Not only that, the chair also comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty covers both of the chair’s parts and framework. Keep in mind that the warranty period starts from the time of purchase. At the end of the day, when it comes to quality and reliability, this massage chair is second to none. It’s worth every dollar you pay for it. It is highly-recommended.

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