Big Christmas Sale on Massage Chairs and Other Gadgets in 2016!!!


Massage chairs can be expensive but if you buy it with a discount, you get to save a lot of money. And there is no better season to do your shopping than on Christmas as a lot of sellers offer ridiculous discounts. So if you have been planning on buying a robotic recliner for yourself or as a gift to your parents or grandparent, you should take advantage of the great deals online.

Below is our list of the top 4 massage chairs with Christmas sale in 2016:


Osaki OS-4000T

Osaki OS-4000T Christmas deals
Take advantage of the Christmas Discount right now!

Hands down this is the hottest massage chair in 2016 so if you want to shop for one this Holiday Season and you have no idea which model or brand to buy, then trust us and buy the OS4000T. You don’t even have to consider the other 4 below, except if it is out of your budget and not willing to stretch it.

Osaki is one of the most trusted brands right now and the manufacturer have been designing a lot of high-quality robotic recliners.

The OS-400T is a full-body massager that has everything that you need and want from the Zero Gravity, Computer Body Scan for accuracy, powerful hand-like rollers, and S-Track design for better back massage.

It has a total of 38 air bags including the hips, arms and hands, neck, and calves. It also even has heat pads located at the lumbar area. You will also get to enjoy reflexology on your soles with the foot roller upgrade.

It can perform up to 6 massage techniques like Shiatsu and Swedish and you get to choose from its 6 auto programs.

There are many variations to this model. It actually started with the Osaki OS4000 (without the T) and now here comes the LS and CS models. You can actually read all of it here including its comparisons.


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Inada Sogno DreamWave

Inada Dreamwave Christmas 2015

If you are looking for a massage chair that has everything that you want plus more, then the Sogno DreamWave is perfect for you. It can be a little bit pricey compared to the other models but it is still worth every penny. And with the deals being offered right now, you should not let it pass. Inada is an award-winning brand and they have been designing top-quality products since the 1960s.

At first look, you can already tell that it stands out from the rest and the moment you sit and try out one of its 8 pre-set programs, you will surely fall in love with it immediately. Your entire body will be almost fully enveloped thanks to its 1,200 square inches coverage which is the most in any other chairs today.

This full-body massage chair uses the patented shiatsu point detection technology which scans your back to read the size, shape, and contours before every session. This gives a customized massage every time. And of course it has the heat feature that we all love and a footrest.

It has the famous DreamWave Technology which is a soft 8-figure motion similar to those performed by therapists in a shiatsu session. It also has the Youth Session which makes it great for those who are 14 and above so almost everyone can enjoy its healing benefits.

It feels very luxurious and you can choose from its many colors and between synthetic or genuine leather material. The reason why we think that it is not the top model is that we believe not everyone can afford it. But as far as its features and functions go, we highly recommend it.

Read what REAL USERS are saying about it and see the lowest price on the link here!

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra

Panasonic MA73 Christmas 2015

It is most likely that this brand is the most familiar to you and rightfully so, as Panasonic has been one of the leaders in electronic products. And their massage equipment and devices do not fall behind when it comes to quality and function.

The EP MA73 is known for its Ultra Knead Mode which replicates Junetsu. The rollers can deeply press, knead, and fix muscle knots. It is a full-body massager that targets even the hands, arms, and does reflexology on the feet. This is as close as you can get to having a real therapy.

And like the other top models today, it scans the shape and size of your back before starting to make sure that you get a customized session. If you like hot stone therapy, you will be glad to know that this is the closest thing to it thanks to its rollers that can work in multiple directions and comes with heat.

It comes with 6 pre-set programs and 6 manual programs. It is convenient and very user-friendly with its remote control conveniently accessible on the right side.

According to customer reviews, its biggest con is its price but if you catch it on sale, it is definitely a good buy.

See the link below for the lowest price.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

HT iJoy-2580 Christmas 2015

As we have mentioned above, we highly suggest that you go for the Osaki chair but if you are looking for something below $1,000intlink, then this is for you. And if you catch it on a discount, you will surely get a bang for your buck.

With its compact design, this is ideal for those living in small apartments or if you are planning on placing this in your office. It is also very easy to move around as it has wheels.

But don’t worry about the price, this does not mean that the iJoy 2580 is of inferior quality. The reason it is cheaper than the others is that it does not have a footrest and Zero Gravity. But it can still perform an amazing massage.

This chair primarily focuses on the neck and back and it can replicate the touch and feel of real professionals. There are 3 programs to choose from: Refresh, Relieve, and Release.

Although it does not have the Zero G position, you can still recline it to almost horizontal. And by doing so, the intensity of the massage increases.

All the settings can be adjusted on the built-in control panel at the left hand side. And at opposite right is a cup holder for your drinks.

You can also check out the newer model which is the iJoy Active 2.0!

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Didn’t find what you are looking for? You might be interested in portable massage chairs used by professional masseuse. They are also offered with discounts this Christmas 2016.

With the industry booming, a lot of therapists are making sure that they are on the top of the competition. They understand that to be successful, they do not only need to be very good at their skills, but must have the best tools as well.

There are a lot of items and brands to choose from and it can be very confusing. And that is why we did our research taking into consideration the brand, price, customer feedback, feature, and more. So when it comes to professional massage chairs, our recommendations are:


oakworks portal light Christmas deals

This brand is so famous that whether you are still a student or already a professional, you have heard a lot of good things about it.

And if you opt for this, we suggest that you get the Portal Light. And as its name implies, it is very easy to carry around at only 15 pounds which is very important if you need to go to the house of your clients or if you are always attending events.

But even if it is very light, it can still hold clients of up to 300 pounds thanks to its aircraft aluminum material.

It may be a bit expensive, but you get quality, functionality, and portability in one. It is made in the U.S.A.


Stronglite Ergo Pro 2 Christmas Deals

This is another one that we highly recommend. In fact, its Ergo Pro II is one of the best-selling of its kind. It is made even better and more comfortable compared to its predecessor.

It is created with the help of David Palmer who is known as the “Father of Contemporary Chair Massage”.

With its aluminum material it can hold up to 600 pounds of working weight. There are also many adjustments you can make with it that would benefits both the therapist and the client. This includes the seat which can be completely turned so that it would be easier to target the feet and torso.


Earthlite Vortex Massage 2016

With 4.7 out of 5-star rating at Amazon (as of writing), you can never go wrong with this one. It is also cheaper compared to the two above so it is perfect for students and those who are just starting out.

It is the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. Its innovative design makes it very stable and can accommodate heavier clients. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual for its exact capacity and other customers also said it is perfect even for those who are 6’4” tall. It also comes with a sternum pad which can be useful.

There are several colors that you can choose from like black, burgundy, and even amethyst. It is also light and folds easily, so you can carry it almost anywhere.

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