Body Back Buddy – The Best-Selling Self-Massage Tool in 2015


The self-massaging industry has seen an exponential growth in recent years, and it’s not hard to understand why. Those living an active lifestyle and taking care of their body by performing various exercises often suffer from various muscle aches and spasms. Not limited to exercising, these conditions can be traced back to accidents, as well as the accumulative damage related to desk work.

Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool 2015

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What to Expect From a Self-massager

It is not a miracle tool by any means, though their ability to relieve pains and aches associated with Muscle Knots are quite revolutionary. Muscle Knots or Sore Spots are a common and often chronic problem caused by over-stressing of the muscles.

The result can lead to a significant pain or discomfort due to a decrease in the oxygen flow to that muscle. Sore spots, more often than not are prevalent in the lower back and neck region, but can be present in nearly every area of the body.

Luckily, sore spots are easily treatable, and where expensive personal therapists used to rule, self-massagers offer an equally, if not superior alternative at an affordable price.

A key player in this ever growing industry is the Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool, which is undoubtedly the most popular and highest rated massage tool in the market today, with an astonishing 1650 positive reviews. Our analysis of this model below should help gain insight on whether or not it’s the right tool for your needs.


While a bit on the strange side in its appearance, the Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool is uniquely designed for a reason. Designed with the specific goal of easily accessing notoriously hard to reach areas, combined with the input of experienced professionals, from Chiropractors to Physical Therapist. The result is an innovative deep tissue self-massager with a hook shape and eleven knobs capable of taking care of each section of the body, with minimal exertion and investment.


The Body Back Buddy focuses on the relief of sore spots by applying direct yet controllable and continuous steady pressure on any required area of the body. Replicating a deep tissue massage, a noticeable increase in blood flow and oxygen towards problematic trigger points is felt almost immediately. The 11 conveniently located knobs assist in a deeper than average compression of the muscles with further raises its effectiveness.

Ease of Use

A hard to beat lightweight construction allows for easy traveling. As a result, taking the tool to the gym for addressing the stress points at a key time is incredibly easy to do. The tool arrives with a 12-page booklet for a comprehensive understanding of placement to reach each area of the body with a surprisingly short learning curve.

Self-Massager 2015

Additional Information

  • USA Made
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Materials: Steel & Rosewood
  • Lightweight yet Durable

Possible Cons

A better variety of the type of knobs located on the tool would offer a nice option to the limited direct tissue massage offered. Those who are seeking a gentle massage should look for an alternative. However, to their credit, the manufacturer mentioned this explicitly.


The Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool over delivers on its claims and gives professionals a run for their money. Those suffering from the frustrating side effects of sore points throughout their body would greatly benefit from this tool.

If you still can’t afford to buy a massage chair, this is the perfect cheap alternative. Overall, it is highly recommended.