BestMassage PU Reiki Portable Massage Table in Black, Burgundy, and More


Let’s admit it. Everyone loves a relaxing and soothing massage. Besides, it has various health benefits for the body. As such, there are so many massage tables available in the market, but not all of them may suit you and your client’s needs. With this in mind, this post takes the liberty of highlighting one winning product: the BestMassage PU Reiki Portable massage table

Basically, this table is created using a sturdy frame, thick comfortable padding, and unique adjustable arms and face cradle. It is without a doubt a world beater as far as massage tables are concerned. Besides, you only require making a shallow deep into your pocket to acquire one. 

Reiki Portable Massage Burgundy


As earlier mentioned, the Reiki is no average out-of-the-mill furniture. It boasts of an extended stay in the massage industry and thus has become a house name for most therapists.

Features Worth Noting

Satisfactory Weight

This BestMassage table has an impressive weight overall and better-than-average capacity. Its 88.2 pounds are an added advantage as it is sturdy and can hold during all sessions. Unfortunately, it is quite bulky and may, therefore, require a table cart to move around. But unlike other tables, it can accommodate generally larger clients so that makes your client base even bigger.

Adjustable Height

Similarly, this exceptional product has foldable legs that allows you to change its height as you so desire. As such, it can be used by practitioners who are shorter and even accommodate clients of varying heights without a problem.

Comfortable Padding

Another appealing feature of the table is the 2-inch relax padding. Your customers can lie on the table for a longer period without having to complain of pains caused by being pressed by the table. The second section of padding has been added to make it more comfortable for your clients.

Durable Hardwood Frame

One of Reiki’s most notable features is the robust hardwood frame. Synthesized using Birch lumber, the table ensures style and professional strength. Your rather large clients are assured of not falling over during sessions as the frame, coupled with the table’s heaviness, can solely hold massive weights of up to 300 pounds.

Removable and Adjustable Armrest and Face Cradle

Similarly, the table is inclusive of remarkable face rest that is made from good padding. The flexible characteristics of the headrest make it simpler for you to shift your client to various positions during massage sessions. Besides, the adjustable armrest act as a fantastic add-on.

Considerable Pricing

As earlier mentioned, the Reiki sells at a manifest price that’ll strike you as fairly reasonable. As a matter of fact, the pricing is too good to be true as compared to the service the table will provide. 

Premium Carrying Case

Another great package that comes with it is its free carry case. The BestMassage massage table can be folded and carried easily in the premium case plus it has hanging arm shelves that are included. For professionals who move around constantly, the excellent case makes a great free accessory.

Long Lasting

Unlike many other portable tables, it has been created using top quality material that lasts longer. You are guaranteed of getting a product that is worth every penny and will give you the deserved service.


Dimensions: 77 inches (6.42 feet) long by 30 inches (2.5 feet) wide best for larger customers.

Folded size: 39 inches (3.25 feet) by 11 inches (0.92 feet) fits well in its case. 

Modifiable Height: 36 inches highest adjustable to 26 inches.

Weight: 88.2 pounds.

Pad Thickness: 2-inch thick padding

Maximum weight capacity: It can hold up to 300 pounds.

Reiki Portable Massage Black


– Doesn’t creak or wobble even when giving firm massages

– Comfortable padding assures you of clients coming back for more

– Sturdy and wide enough for carrying larger clients

– Quick and easy to set up

– Excellent premium case to help carry around

– Pocket friendly

– Quality framework


– A little heavy but with a table roller, you can quickly move it from place to place.

– Although comfortable, there’s room to improve the quality of the face cradle.


If you are a professional therapist, home user, or student taking therapy classes and are in the market looking for a good portable massage table, then the BestMassage PU Reiki might be just what you need. It allows you to exert desired pressure on clients and even use various techniques without making creaks or budging. Check it out today, and you won’t regret it!

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