BestMassage Premium Portable Massage Chair and Tattoo Spa


Considered as a best-seller in the Salon and Spa category in Amazon today, the BestMassage Premium portable professional massage chair is the ideal starter chair. It is a combination of affordability and function.

At $63 only at Amazon (as of writing), it is probably the best portable massage chair you can get without hurting your budget. It is so cheap that you can even get 2 at different colors if you want. But don’t get us wrong, it is not of inferior quality and can hold up even the slightly bigger clients. So for students who have just started, this chair is for you.

A lot of tattoo artists are also using this on their shops.

BestMassage Premium Burgundy

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Below is our review of this amazingly cheap chair:

The cushion of the Premium is arguably one of the thickest today at 4 inches. It is wrapped with 100 percent Ultra Soft Polyurethane material which is very comfortable even for long periods. The frame is a square steel tubing for stability and durability.

It has a capacity of 300 pounds working weight and 700 pounds static which is not bad. If you are catering for larger clients, you should check out the Master Massage Apollo as it has up to 650 pounds working weight and has the largest seat cushions.

You can fully customize it from the seat, arm rest, and face cradle. Also, each one can be adjusted independently from the others to give you more options which always a good thing since the users vary in size and body shape.

Unfortunately, the leg rest cannot be adjusted unlike the other high end models but it’s not really a big deal.

Set up is quick and easy and when it is fully assembled, its dimensions are 29 L x 48 H x 18 W inches which does not take up a lot of space. And when you are done, folding it back is as easy. With its compact design, it is very easy to store and you can even slide it under your bed.

It comes with a handy carry case so you can easily bring it to events and shows. It does not have wheels though, but since it is very lightweight at approximately 20 pounds, you don’t really need it.

There are a wide range of colors to choose from but the black is the most popular of all probably because it does not need a lot of maintenance.

 Premium BestMassage Black

The most common complaint from those who have actually used it is that the cushion becomes a little bit deformed after use but this can be easily remedied by wiping and pressing it.

Delivery is very quick so if you have an event coming up, you should get yourself one today. There is not much information on the warranty of the product and you need to contact the supplier about it.


The BestMassage Premium portable massage chair is affordable and practical. It is equipped with everything that you need including a decent working weight capacity. It is great if you are still learning or using it for home use, but if you think you are going to use to bigger and heavier people, we suggest you go for the other models.

So if you are looking for a higher quality product or one that can accommodate heavier clients, click this link for the updated list!