BestMassage EC-06C Full-Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Under $1000


This is probably the best massage chair in Amazon right now under $1000. And with over 200 real customer reviews and a very high rating, this is truly a bargain making it your perfect choice if you are on a tight budget.

Now there are other better models out there but it costs higher or there are features that you can’t get from this one. With that being said, we believe that this full body shiatsu electric recliner is worth every penny.

BestMassage EC-06 under $1000

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The manufacturer, BestMassage, did a good job on updating the design and features of this product without jacking up the prices. They listen to their customers and do something about it.

For instance, the reach of the roller heads is extended starting from the neck and all the way down to the tailbone which adds more satisfaction to the user. This is not present on many other chairs even some of the expensive ones. Additionally, the buttocks area can also get vibration and air massage.

It has a total of 30 airbags which is lesser than high-end massage chairs, but these are located strategically to give you the most of your experience. These bags do not actually massage, but inflates and deflates to squeeze certain parts of your body including your arms. The intensity of which can also be easily adjusted depending on your preference.

There are 20 airbags on the footrest that are targeting the lower body from the thighs down to the feet. This will promote better circulation and gives you a very refreshing feeling after a long day of work.

It comes with 4 different programs: Refresh, Recovery, Relax, and Extend. The names itself can give you an idea on what it is trying to achieve but we suggest that you try each to find the one that suits you best.

For its price, who would have thought that it comes with heat therapy. Heating pads are located on the foot and the waist which are the important areas.

The position of both the footrest and backrest can be adjusted with just a few touch of a button.

Even with its powerful motor, it is still silent enough to enjoy your favorite TV show or listen to music. Others also use it like a regular recliner as the rollers do not protrude when not in use.

You can easily customize the settings like for the rollers to concentrate on specific areas such as the neck and shoulders and even set the width of the coverage for more accuracy. You can also turn off some of its capabilities such as the arm massages if you don’t need it.

All these amazing functionalities and customizations can be easily accessed with its convenient control panel attached on the right hand side.

The chair is made from synthetic leather. It feels very comfortable and looks very high-quality. The armrest is also made from beautiful glossy wood. It is available in 3 colors so you can choose one that would fit well in your house.

Massage functions:

Rolling: The up and down movement of the rollers feels very good and perfect for relieving stress. This, and its extended reach, make this massager all worth it. And by reclining the chair, the pressure of the rollers is increased.

Kneading: This is very effective in working out knots and stiff muscles. It also helps improve the blood circulation and sending nutrients to important areas.

Shiatsu: If you are stressed and tired from work or from any physical activity, this technique will be very beneficial for you. Shiatsu is also said to be good for both the mind and body.

Compression and Percussion: These techniques are great in improving posture and makes the body more flexible. This is done by putting pressure to deep muscle tissue.

What it does not have:

It does not have Zero Gravity chair unlike today’s other modern models. If you want this feature, we highly suggest you go for the Osaki OS 4000T which is also not pricey and has a lot of positive reviews.

It also does not have rollers on the feet and legs. It only performs squeezing massage. The footrest is also not adjustable making it ideal for users only from 5’5” to 6’2”.

It also does not have the bells and whistles that other models have such as the chromotherapy lights, built in MP3, music speakers, and a tethered remote control.

Final Words:

The BestMasssage EC-06C may be cheap, but it has everything that you will need and looks very nice. You also don’t have to worry about its durability as it has proven to last a long time according to those who have actually bough it.

But as the saying goes “You get what you pay for”, we still highly suggest that you go for the more advanced ones if your budget permits.

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