The BestMassage BM-EC 161 in Black – W/ Heat and Zero Gravity


When you are looking for massage chairs, you’ll be blown away by how expensive they are without even delivering to your expectations. Finding a good product that can serve multiple massage methods and at the same time, affordable is quite difficult – which is why we spent hours reviewing some of the models on the market out there, and we decided to pick out the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair or call it the BestMassage 161.

Not only does it have a classic look that complements virtually any color scheme, but it also ensures that a person gets a deep breath, relaxes very well as well as providing multiple simulating human massage methods.

BM-EC 161 Black

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Why is the BM-161 one of the best?


This specific model of the massage chair has an increased massage area of up 60% compared to others. For example, you can massage all the sides of the body including the neck, back, waist, hips, and thighs with the most ultimate experience. It is very comfortable ,very quiet and of high quality. You’ll like it because of its long track and rolling foot massage.

What are its unique features?

Some of the best features that make this product unique are the OPTO sensor devices that are used for detecting people’s shoulder positions, roller scrapers for massaging the feet and the heater for the waist which helps to create a positive effect on people with the stiff waist, backache, and cold stomach problem.

The Best massage 161 can be considered as a high-end model because it has everything you would need for a massage with Zero Gravity experience, but it does come with a hefty price tag.

First of all, it has a high precision engineering of a fully-functioning massage chair. Secondly, it comes with four different settings which give it an upscale comparative advantage over other products to be preferred by any massage therapist.

There are other several check-ups we did on this robotic recliner to make sure everything is okay. For instance, we took the time to cross check how the rollers go around the hip area, and we realize that they have a sturdy construction with shiatsu points which are very firm.

You can easily wrap your towels around your feet to handle the foot rollers in addition to keeping the chair clean. So, if you’re the type of person with a little amount of time to relax and you occasionally need some bit of self-care, then this good for you.

Regarding control, this BestMassage machine comes with a remote having a cord that is attached to it where you can move around with it for as long as you don’t get too far away from the chair.

What are other customers have to say about it?


Many who have used the BM-161 have confessed that it is super easy to assemble because it comes with clips already on the metal connectors which you can easily remove and reattach the leg pieces. More to that, are the backup pieces that are sent with it so that in the case of any unpleasant eventuality you can easily work around it.

Even with the low price tag on it, the chair is dropped off to your doorstep in a huge box with free delivery. All you have do is to drag it into your house. But the most interesting part of dragging it, even when it is heavy, are the wheels. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying it above the steps; it’s dead simple to wheel it around once inside the house.

Overall and speaking from a personal point of view, the Zero Gravity shiatsu massage chair is just enough to make every member of your family happy including even the young ones who think they are too short. It gives a great experience, and it lays you down in almost every sleeping position. And lastly, it is the only one of the few models that has surpassed my expectations with quality, design, performance, and price.


  • Good for roller scraping of the whole foot which improves blood circulation
  • Comes with OTPO sensor devices used for finding different shoulder positions
  • Increased massage area
  • Multiple simulating human massage methods
  • Heat for waist management for stiff waists
  • Large pressurized leather air pillows for head and neck area
  • Recliner reclines quickly and quietly
  • Low price tag which is affordable
  • Adjustable LED remote


  • Can be very heavy ( weighs 246lb) as with other models
  • It requires large space
  • Not easily possible to adjust the intensity of the back

Final Verdict

Overall, it is an amazing massager to work out your muscles, your feet, your butt and much more. And the most important part, is the ability to customize it to rub where you want to rub. Therefore I recommend the BestMassage 161 to anybody wanting a robotic recliner that is below $1,000.